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Separation's Journal
Separation's Journal
January 21, 2019

Why do I think that we will hear from this kid 40-50 years from now

In a Congressional hearing, about him and have to listen as how he and some of his friends like Squee, Fartman, and Tod harassed a Vietnam era veteran. Of course it will be played of as boys will be boys & that Nathan Phillips was actually the agressor. Then we get another Supreme Court Justice for life.

History is only useful if we learn from it.

January 9, 2019

This is probably how it will all end up going down.

Inside a sealed and closed off courthouse, with everyone forced to sign NDA's. The public will not garner any further information on whether Trump, his family and company was involved in Russian money laundering. Maybe one day within the next 30-100 years, the files will be leaked, conspiracies will be formed, etc.


I know that this article is from 2017, but this has everything to do with what's going on now.

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