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Separation's Journal
Separation's Journal
October 31, 2018

They have shown part of Kavanaughs hand in the form of voter suppression

Ok, so hear me out. We all hate Kavanaugh for various reasons. Probably the most dangerous is the fact that the Republicans now have another partisan activist judge that will have a lifetime job.

So today, Lindsey Graham has announced that he will be introducing legislation that will no longer make a person a citizen of the United States. Now think about this for a second, what's one of Trumps many conspiracy theories involving illegals? Well, I'll have to help you out on that one seeing how there are so many and a guess would take to long.

One of Trumps conspiracy theories is that, "Millions of illegals vote for Democrats". Obvious BS aside, what Trump is now doing in his mind is, when 2 people come here to have a baby they get to suck out all forms of free benefits but now, their kid will actually be legal to vote. Of course everyone knows that it's a %100 fact that all immigrants vote Democratic. <---Sarcasm This will now prevent that.

You may be saying now, "Well hold on a second and slow your roll". It takes 2/3 majority of Congress or governors to change the Constitution. Well, not anymore. If the Republicans introduce new legislation that is thought to be Unconstitutional, what normally happens? Of course it will be fought in court up to the Supreme Court. Trump now 'has a guy' there to ensure any Unconstitutional Legislation that makes it to the S.C. It tips the balance in their favor, not just for this case, but for anything else that may be brought before the S.C.

I think the majority of people already figured that out though. I mean Republicans laid the entire parties reputation on the cross for Kavanaugh, why else other than 'having a guy' there to ensure votes go your way? It's just now, we are actually going to see them play their hand.

October 29, 2018

Republicans new talking points

And guess what, they just loooove the Jews. I have to make sure that I'm exposed to at a minimum of an hour a day to views I dont agree with, i.e. Spend time in FoxWorld, Rushland, and MarkLevin-land. I do it for several reasons, the 1st and most important is to ensure that I dont fall into a circular firing squad of megaphones and only be exposed to views that I agree with. Second, it's good to know what kind of BS is gonna be coming my way.

So what I'm seeing and hearing now, is that Republicans (not even sure I can call them that anymore. . .Nationalistic Party of ?) Anyways. . . They are going on and on about how much Democrats hate the Jews, and how much Republicans love them and are good to them.

Mark Levin was going on about how "Obama just absolutely hates Isreal, and loved Hamas and the PLO. Whereas the Republicans like Bush and Trump supporting Isreal, Trump even moving the new embassy.

So in some spider webbed wall of thumbtacks and yarn, it's impossible for a Republican to have shot those Jews at the Synagogue. There are even some talking of the Apocalypse because of the symbolism of the attack on the tree of life. It can get pretty surreal sometimes in there.

So be ready for the new lines from pundit "experts" on CNN, MSNBC, and other areas. I obviously left Fox news out of that last sentance because obvious is obvious. 😀

October 27, 2018

So I'm trying my hand at writing

I would like construction criticism on how to get better. Writing is definitely something I enjoy doing. I'm thinking about short stories starting off. I have thousands of hours of real life adventures that I'm pretty sure anyone would enjoy. However, I figured I'd write a piece on something relative to today climate. I do know there is going to be grammatical errors as the only proofreading that was done, was autocorrect. So here it is, I'd love to get some honest feedback.

This country wasnt founded on freedom, but on the broken backs of African Americans, Latinos, Chinese, and other People of Color. As soon as it became clear that they were more "highly advanced" than the Indigenous Natives. The writing was on the wall.

Racism, wasnt acknowledged and was at the very centerpiece of our country. All men are created equal, except for African Americans, Natives, and other POC.

Our country was split into two nations. Neighbor against neighbor, then everyone thought, "Oh there'll be no more problems, we fought a war to free them the slaves."

Racism was never acknowledged, then AA's & POC were used as legal slaves within the prison system and Jim Crow law.

Racism was never acknowledged

People kept their heads down and mouths shut during the Indian Wars (Should read Native Extermination with some resettlements)

The racism was never acknowledged

A second World War was fought in Europe, AA's and other POC (Japanese, Navajo) once again showed that that they will fight harder than anyone just to prove that they are just as American as any other person.

Racism was never acknowledged and those American Heroes were lynched, arrested, and held back.

Then something happened, that for sure would fix the problem. The Civil Rights era brought in new and still just as strong African American leaders with a new National voice to be heard across the country.

But still, racism was never acknowledged. Soon after the Civil Rights, race riots broke throughout the country over inequalities and racism from the police. An African American was videotaped beaten like an animal and shown to the country during their dinner. The police were acquitted and Los Angeles burned again.

Racism STILL wasnt acknowledged but "lessons were learned". More than ever, POC were integrating at some of the nations highest levels. People would say, "Oh we finally have an AA senator, CEO, owner" (as if they were never capable of doing so before)

An African American runs for President! Oh joy, finally an end to racism!

However, racism was not acknowledged. Police beating, and cases of brutality started filling YouTube channels, and White America was finally getting a peak into AA's daily struggle. Being pulled over while black was now a new phrase (but only to white Americans).

Racism was now being denied. There is solid proof out there that AA and other POC are being harassed by the police, teachers, and other people in power.

An African American sportsman took to the field once again like Mohammed Ali, Tommie Smith and John Carlos and kneeled, peacefully protesting the treatment of AA's and other POC by the police. But now we had new president.

Racism was being openly condoned by the "Most Powerful Man in the World". How dare an AA kneel during OUR anthem? Forgetting that this country was built by African Americans, and giving the greenlight for everyone else to be "just a little more racist" because the President of the U.S. is doing it.

Racism is still being denied by White and other Americans. Until this problem is acknowledged, processed, and then dealt with. I dont think we will ever have a "United States".
October 26, 2018

They are blurring out the stickers on Fox

Is this really surprising from the network that brought you hard hitting reporting from Laura Ingraham that joked about how dumb the bombs look, how it was good for sympathy on the Democratic side so it was probably a false flag. Now I know why they are banned in other countries.

The free press in my opinion does not mean that blatant lies should be allowed. A differing opinion sure, but label it as such. Stop trying to pass this shit off as fact!

After edit: They are also calling them political stickers, and fumbling over their words in trying to describe it.

October 26, 2018

Putin touts downfall of US as a global leader: 'It's almost done'

Putin touts downfall of US as a global leader: ‘It’s almost done’

More from the article.

Luckily this monopoly is disappearing,” he added. “It’s almost done.”

And Russia’s time has come, he said, claiming that America’s downfall meant that Russia had an opportunity to establish itself as a major player on the global stage.

This is why I find it funny when people say, "See Trump & Putin arent friends."

No shit Sherlock! Would a KGB agent actually be "friends" with one of his Mark's? No, they use them until they have no use for them.

Donald Trump in the past 2 years has put NATo on shaky ground against the very entity is was created for. Aggression from Russia.

He has hugged and said that he loves dictators. He's talked about how the press is the enemy as a respected Journalist was being tortured and murdered. Thereby putting our old and firm allies scratching their heads.

Now, he has put the entire Middle East into turmoil. Yep, you read that correct. The Middle East is in turmoil because of Donald Trump.

He has put the United States which normally is the clear cut leader in democracy (even the dirty parts) and director of the world. He has given this up in his Nationalistic policy of not giving a shit about the rest of the world.

Guess who now gets to slip in and say, "Yea, your old boyfriend sure was an asshole." "Would you like to come over to my house and look at the weapons we have for sale?" That's right, the old KGB agent who played Trump like a . . . Well like a carefully groomed agent.

Dont get me wrong, I love Russia, I love the majority of their people, their food and history. The fact is, this is a country who is run by an old school KGB officer that shoots down civilian airliners and basically says, "And?"

Thankfully, unlike Russia we get to throw out our trash every 4 years.
October 25, 2018

A picture says a thousand words

Lmao. My guess is those that I've tagged didnt realize I could tag them in pictures. It's a good way to get their attention.


October 25, 2018


It's their fault! They gave Trump and his acolyte's thousands and thousands of hours of unfiltered and free airtime. Of course, they had to "Be balanced" and not call his Bullshit exactly that, Bullshit.

The media has a responsibility, just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to be able to protect the users of their platform. Or at the very damn least, to let their viewers know that this was a bullshit story, and the person on the panel telling his/her story happens to be a paid partisan hack that isn't interested in the truth. They are only interested in getting their story out. It only takes a few people to catch onto that one "hook" to go a repeat a dangerous lie, or how badly Democrats are really doing. Once that lie is out there, there is no putting that toothpaste back into the tube.

The dangerous caravan of criminals is coming. It totally makes sense that a Democrat sent out those bombs. There is a Deep State out trying to get rid of me. These are flat out lies that the media just let them lob right past them.

I know it's a confusing time, the media isn't quite sure what the "Trump effect" actually is, or how to combat it. Sure, when we look back it'll be easy to see and say, "Wow, I can't believe the media didn't pick up on that."

The problem is, it's already too late by then. They needed to start putting this literal Dumpster Fire out 3 years ago, as he descended down that escalator

October 25, 2018

Did anyone catch the latest episode of, "Anthony Bourdain's Part's Unknown" in East Texas?

I would recommend it to be required viewing in today's climate.

I would have to say that it was a very hard-hitting piece, probably the best episode ever. I will preface this by saying Im not an Anthony Bourdain cheerleading fan. However, with that said, I feel his shows are important because it shows us, people, that we may never or never will encounter. His shows show a side to people that even the most cold-hearted bastard couldn't deny. Food just brings people together, whether its; Israelis & Arabs, Texans & Mexicans, to Guys with a man bun and designer glasses & the most rednecked mountain man have in common. Food can and does bring people together and in today's climate. Anything that shows how we are relatable to one another is very important. In regards to whether you may or may not care for himself, as a person is a different story. So watch this episode!

So in this episode, he goes to E. Texas. It thousands of square miles of nothing but cattle feeding land. There may be a small town here and there scattered, but life really hasn't changed much in hundreds if not thousands of years up until recently. The Texans down there that live on the border all speak some Spanish, and most of the Mexicans that live on the Mexican side speak some English. A gruff old cowboy with an eyepatch sitting in his bar said it best, "I learned to speak Spanish because it's the right thing to do." That's what makes good neighbors, not walls."

Every single person interviewed has ties across the river. They interviewed a girl whose boyfriend can't go to her house but she can go to his house, he can't get the proper visas. Her dad isn't worried about her at night. He said it's not like how the media portrays border towns with all that violence (Gee I wonder why most people think that. Thanks again media). Person after person commented on how a wall going up would make their life a living hell. For generations, families would wade across the river and hang out in the US side of town on a Friday, and then come Saturday everyone would be on the Mexican side.

Its a way of life that has always rung true to me as authentic as it gets. It hasn't changed in hundreds of years with Texans and for thousands of year for the Mexican/Spanish/Mestizos/and Aztecs. The people down there consider each other friends and more importantly neighbors (or what good neighbors should be). Walls have never been successful, Isreal, Germany, the Great Wall of China, and ancient Roman pioneer brick walls in ancient England. None of these walls ever had the desired effect. Had they just taken the time to integrate with one another, and stop worrying about some damn purity of blood or race. That the world would be such a better place.

I also find it once again, that the people affected by something the least, have the most and loudest bit to say. I've noticed it in just the military in general. You will have a 300lb, Otter Team 6 member, who fought in the Battle of Endor. He will give all sorts of his thoughts on gays in the military. He will be the first to rant and rave on message boards about how the military is just going down the crapper, with as many ridiculous reasons as gays in the military, to "millennials". Because today's kids are just as damn brave as those that stormed the beaches in France and all across the Pacific.

Then we have our dumb assed President who had such a bad case of bone spurs, who knows more about the military than his General's. Or knows more about Trade Wars and how easy they are to win, to know that those damn Mexicans are nothing but criminals.

October 24, 2018

I've tried without success *I might add

To show how in the current state of politics how the Nazi Party and Republicans are so similiar. People get hung up on the Conservative vs National Socialists.

It doesnt have anything to do with the description of what the definition of a Republican is. It has to do with other similarities that are like those old 3d posters that you had to stare at to see the dinosaur jumping out at you.

Hitler said in the last months of World War 2 that if he is defeated, its because the German people have abandoned him. Trump has said time after time, that if those Damn Librulz get into power, that they will get rid of him.

Trump has already made it clear as the sky is fucking blue, that he doesnt like reporters who dont like him. There is a litteral journalist that wrote badly about our president, was murdered by a, not only friendly country, but a country that does dollars, millions, billion dollars of work with the Trump family (we dont know because he hasn't released his taxes) and the U.S. it seems, ain't doing diddly shit about it.

Hitler didnt start off marching Jews, Gypsies, Mentally I'll, and dissidents off into camps and ovens right off the bat in 1930. No, he first had a very effective propaganda campaign that turned his opponents into Der Untermenschen. Trump has repeatedly said that Democrats or librulz are demons, arsonists, not to be trusted with power.

Trump has put a Supreme Court Justice that is nothing more than a Trump bought and paid for partisan hack that already has said that the president cannot be charged with a crime.

We are currently living in a time that in 50 years, people will say, "That's when Americans should have spoken up and done something." "There is no way they can deny that they didnt know what was going on."

CNN, MSNBC, and other "News outlets" better wake the fuck up! One of their colleagues was murdered and the US President is not leading the charge against this crime. They better figure out this "Trump Effect" and fast. They are giving this traitor and his fucking acolytes hours and hours of free advertisement. They better wake the Fuck up and realize that the neck cut throat symbol that was done at his rally was directed to them.

Stop giving him and his ministers of propaganda
free airtime. He is not their friend, and we sure as shit arent either.

I've said this a few times already. The first shots of this Civil War WILL BE CIVIL and they will be fired this November 6th. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

October 20, 2018

The silence is deafening

Im not sure how long its been since the Saudi's came out and officially said that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. But the silence from Donald Trumps Twitter account is deafening.

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