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Gender: Male
Hometown: None
Home country: USA
Current location: The hills of Tn.
Member since: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 10:05 PM
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About Me

Proudly retired from the military, Marine Corps & Coast Guard. Now spending much deserved time with my two children who I love with all my heart, and my wife who I am not complete without her.

Journal Archives

Do you know why the military shoots at silhouettes of people?

Well, there are a few reasons, but one of the reasons is to normalize shooting at another human being. It's just not a natural reaction for people to shoot at other people. Its why there are names out there like, Jerry, Hun, Jap, Nip, Gook, and Raghead, its to dehumanize the other side.

I mean, who would you rather shoot at? Hamid, a father of two, whose son was accidentally killed, or that terroristic muzzie over there?

My point in all of this is to show what Donald Trump is doing to the American Public right before their own eyes. His loathing of the media has gotten to the point of blasting music so loud at his rallies. That the media there has a hard time doing a live report. Did this go on before FOX news decided to stop covering his rallies live? Trump has said time after time that the media is the enemy. During his rallies when Trump comments on the media in the back, people make gestures at them like the slicing of their throat.

He has also muddled the waters about American Intelligence. They're right, they're wrong, there is a Deep State embedded in there out to get me. He has gaslighted the American public to the point of which has never been done before. If he told me that he knew a way to hypnotize dimwitted people, it would take a second for me to decide if he was just bullshitting me or not.

However, I'm not trying to say that Trump is some evil genius that has an Island Lair either. I'm just pointing out that he is normalizing things that just shouldn't be normal.

Its gotten so bad, that the media is even giving cute nicknames to these racist white women Please Stop Giving Racist White Women Adorable Nicknames not to mention the fact that these people are starting to think that what they are doing is ok. Where would they be getting an idea like that? Im not taking away that these people had already been racists, its just that now that they see their President doing it, they think its ok for them to do it as well.

As we speak the "right-leaning media" is out there spreading flat out lies about Jamal Khashoggi. Saying how he is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and to Osama bin Laden. Where is the country that would rail against these types of abuses, and against a journalist who tried to bring light where tyrannical dictators didn't want the light shown? It sure as hell is the United States anymore. The UK, EU, or the UN is going to have to take the lead on this.

Excellent point!

Its also coming out that the Isreali software has been screwing around down in Mexico. Guess who was in charge of advising the company that got caught using the software? Former General Flynn


To say that Trump didnt know of this guy is missing the narrative.


Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia after he criticized then President-Elect Trump, then left his native country.

Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing and making public appearances by the Saudi royal family after he criticized President Donald Trump in late 2016.

When Trump gives the same exact excuse as he did for Kavanaugh, "Ya know, I talked to him and he denied it. I believe him." that should have made peoples ears perk up.


Hopefully, the first shots of this Civil War will be "civil" and on November 6th, 2018. a clear message will be sent to the White House and the rest of his criminal cabal.

It had to happen. A Catholic exorcist said he plans to hold a mass for Supreme Court Justice

Brett Kavanaugh next weekend after a group of witches announced their plans to gather in Brooklyn to publicly hex him. I posted earlier here how silly it was and its gone from silly to mauve.

Now a Catholic Exorcist said Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech, Father Gary Thomas, who serves as an exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, Calif., told The National Catholic Register.

Im living in a world where the President of this country has talked about banning or censoring the media, pulling NBC off the air, has had a full-time war against the media. Then a journalist who was kicked out off of the kingdom not for writing about the Saudi Family, but writing about then President-elect Trump, and walks into a Saudi consulate and gets murdered.
Donald Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other TV news networks that criticize him

Then our President gives the same excuse to Muhammad bin Nayef as he did to Brett Kavanaugh, saying "well he told me he didn't do it, and I believe him." It may not have been 5th Avenue where he declared he could shoot somebody and nobody would care, but the fact is he may as well pulled the trigger himself.

Wow, I totally get why the Pubs were freaking out about witches casting spells on them.

So I was wandering through my morning articles and came upon this article HERE

It's called 24 urban legends that are actually true. Well the second one is about Colonel Bucks reaccuring tombstone stain in the shape of a leg.

Legend has it he sentenced a witch to die by fire, and during the burning one of her legs came rolling out of the fire and she supposedly put a curse on his final resting place. This stain has been removed several times and keeps coming back mysteriously "staining"his final resting place. 🧙‍♀️

So on Spooktober 20th, some witches from Brooklyn will publicly place a hex on Brett Kavanaugh (I'm sure itll fill the 15 min time slot on the newz)

I think instead of maybe staining his Tombstone (I mean really, who would ever go to visit?). Maybe place a Gorbachev style stain on his face.

Obviously the Republicans are freaking out over this.

I'd love to see a federal voting holiday.

As it stands now, there are very few excuses other than disenfranchisement to not vote these days. With online registering, to early voting, I cant think of an excuse not to. Unless, like said earlier you fit into the group of being disenfranchised.

I heard a report that there is still like %10-%15 UNDECIDED voters. How can that be?!

I mean by now there is very little that Trump is going to do or say that will change the mind of most voters. I believe that this election is going to either be a stamp of approval of a big fuck you to Trump. I mean, if you vote for a Republican, that in essence is a vote for Trumps ability to continue stacking the courts, having Republicans in charge of the Senate where a lot of investigatory power comes from. So anything less than a Democratic majority come the morning of Nov 7th, imo is a checkmark for Trump.I think it would be a great time to bring it up and then come the New Year when both the Senate and House is blue a perfect time to implement it. Then we can start a few more investigations.

I have never quite seen anything like this before, and I'd be willing to bet that nobody here has either.


The phrase, cutting ones nose off to spite the face, pops up in my mind.

I'm in Tn, and love the fact that Beto is getting lotsa coverage. But we have a couple knife fights here that I'm worried about as well. I can only hope the "Taylor Swift" effect/affect(?) kicks in here for the Democrats running. I havent heard of any meaningful polls since she threw her hat in with us, other than that garbage poll of Blacburn %14 ahead (it was an outlier and an older poll) But I'm not one to base my hope on an unknown affect, and have been donating my time and money towards Bredesen.

So I got to thinking about something today

I had mistakenly taken the apathy of, to the deaths of Syrians, Iraqis, and others to some sort of racism. I got to thinking of WWII, and the complete and total war, that Europe waged on each other. It doesnt have anything to do with race. Humans dont just have much empathy to other humans. The firebombings of Dresden, the indiscriminate bombings of London, and other European cities throughout the war.

I hope our children are paying attention.

Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

I was reading this article and I think it directly relates to an earlier post about why kids arent voting in the numbers like we think they should.

In the topic, I challenged the notion that todays kids dont like being preached to. That they do and have their own opinions. Of course it was inferred by somebody that I of course "preached" to my kids, which of course is not true. Maybe preached, was the wrong word I was looking for (which as a budding writer I am finding out that I need to be more clear and concise.

As our kids get older, they are forming their own opinions. However as kids most arent thinking of their future. It's why summers seemed to fly by when we were younger. We were living in the now, as were our parents and grandparents and on and on, even during times of war. We, as we get older start to think of our future. It's why. . . Holy shit, it's almost Christmas again, where did the year go?!

I believe that along with a few other reasons, this anti pc culture is a direct connection to why Trump was elected. Give the article a read.

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