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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Iowa
Home country: USA
Current location: Iowa
Member since: Mon Oct 1, 2012, 05:53 AM
Number of posts: 200

About Me

Physician in Iowa Gay Male With Partner Doggy Dad to 2 Golden Retrievers Rachel Maddow, my Journalistic hero. Ben Cohen Foundation, my Anti-bullying Hero. MSNBC, my Television News Heroes.

Journal Archives

Very UN-Christian

Those parents, regardless of comfort level with gay adults ( and/ or Children, for that matter--WTF) are engaging in a form of bigotry that should get them a one-way ticket to Hell. Here on earth, such low-information parents should be carefully surveilled as these Faux-Christian religious sociopaths may have gay children as well. Those kids, in particular, may be in danger already for God's sake. Gay kids are normal and wonderful as are non- gay kids. What a fantastic program for October 30 annually. I hope it is successful this year and every year.

No Loopholes For Millionaires

<<< Putting in place loophole closures to multi-millionaire business owners would lower their much-needed revenues with which they might hire new employees. The 47% have their safety net-- why can't we have ours, if ya follow?? Try to be reasonable and understand. >>>. That's the philosophy of Mitt & Paul-- I am in a higher tax bracket myself but, having a conscience, I would never try to sell such a lopsided tax plan to the American Public. Bob Dole once asked, " Where's the outrage?" He wasn't referring to a tax plan, I don't believe, but I pray that America is outraged enough to show in a landslide how thoughtless & Contra-Middle class the Presidential GOP ticket is this cycle.

Ally? Really?!?!

While debates rarely impact the outcome, here comes Gov Christi on Meet the Press to announce that post debate on domestic affairs, the conversation will change next day and Mitt will be higher in all polls. That is just hyperbole of the lamest kind. He even suggested the shear stupidity of the American People for just now starting to focus. Like any good liberal would miss the Democratic Convention or any GOP persons would miss theirs. It should be fun television I suspect, but Obama already has my vote in the mail in Iowa. He will win here.

Good LAW

As a gay man living in Iowa, and over the age of 40, this is good news. I take care of a variety of people and kids just do NOT need any further stigma attached to their already tumultuous adolescent years. My Father, may he rest in peace, was supportive of my stress when I came out to him. After assuring me that he still loved me, he did offer me some 1-800 number to call for a cure to my gayness. In 1987, at age 23, I never made the call ( mostly just because instincts told me that it would be ridiculous). I served in the Navy and was out to everyone--my language skills in Arabic likely helped not get thrown out. I did my job and demanded the same respect I gave to others. I love being gay and all the advantages it accords on lifestyle. One can make a tremendous difference in lives through foundations, monetarily help with youth who often have little or no support once they come out. Friendships are true and long-lasting as well in the gay world owing to the safety in numbers idea.
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