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A new poll found that a majority of Americans support a radical change to the US healthcare system


A new poll found 59% of Americans support a "national Medicare-for-all plan."
The plan is similar to a proposal made by Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Support for the idea is split along party lines, with only 36% of Republicans in favor.
The healthcare system supported by Bernie Sanders and many liberal-leaning Democrats has begun gaining steam with more Americans, according to a new poll.

The poll, from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health policy think tank, found that:

59% of respondents supported a Medicare-for-all healthcare system in which all Americans would get coverage through a government program like Medicare or Medicaid.
Moving to a public-option model, under which people could sign up for the Medicare-like program, would be even more popular.
About 75% of the public would favor a program framed as a public option for anyone who wants it.


Thomas Piketty says Bernie Sanders' electoral strategy is the way to beat back the right

New paper explores how both parties were captured by the “elite,” leaving a politically rudderless underclass

03.27.2018•4:58 AM


In a new paper, French political economist Thomas Piketty, author of the bestselling 2013 book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," argues that Western political parties on the right and left have both become parties of the "elites."

"Using post-electoral surveys from France, Britain and the US, this paper documents a striking long-run evolution in the structure of political cleavages," Piketty writes in the abstract. He goes on to explain the political changes that have happened since the 1950s and 1960s, when "the vote for left-wing (socialist-labour-democratic) parties was associated with lower education and lower income voters" — in other words, the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, the Socialist Party of France and the Democratic Party of the United States were considered parties that supported and helped destitute and less-well-educated voters.

Yet over time, those parties, Piketty explains, "gradually become associated with higher education voters," which he describes as creating a system of "multiple-elite" parties where "high-education elites now vote for the 'left,' while high-income/high-wealth elites still vote for the 'right' (though less and less so)." In other words, both sides of the spectrum became parties of the elite, with no party for less educated folks or the working class.

Piketty argues that this situation "contributes to rising inequality and lack of democratic response to it," as well as the rise of populists like Trump, Marine Le Pen in France and Nigel Farage in Britain. "Without a strong egalitarian-internationalist platform, it is difficult to unite low- education, low-income voters from all origins within the same party," he writes.


Photo: @SenSanders making an appearance here at #Vermont #MarchForOurLives


Video: You have the power to change America': Parkland students interview Bernie Sanders

Published on Mar 23, 2018
Rebecca Schneid and Dara Rosen, two student journalists from the Florida high school where 17 people were shot dead, interview Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and ask him if Trump has the courage to take on the NRA.

🐦 Friday March 23 - Bernie Sanders Joins Deconstructed With Mehdi Hasan


Bernie Sanders Joins Deconstructed With Mehdi Hasan
In The Intercept’s new podcast, columnist Mehdi Hasan unpacks the most consequential news event of the week, while challenging the mainstream media’s tired takes.

🔥 LIVE Stream at 7PM ET - Inequality in America: A National Town Hall

Bernie Sanders is hosting another town hall tonight, March 19, after the last one in January was such a resounding success with 1.6 million live viewers. Tonight’s town hall is called “Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class.” The town hall will feature Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, filmmaker Michael Moore, and Darrick Hamilton, an economics and urban policy professor. Sander’s town hall will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern and will last until 8:30 p.m. The video above will begin to show the live stream as soon as it starts if you hit play. The panel discussion will take place in the U.S. Capitol in front of a live audience.

How can you watch the live stream? You can simply watch the live stream above at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can also watch the live stream on Bernie Sanders’ Facebook Page, Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook page, Michael Moore’s page, The Guardian, NowThis, Buzzfeed, Act.tv, TeleSUR English, and The Young Turks. Each of the pages should have a livestream that begins on their page automatically. If you follow any of these pages and are logged into Facebook, the livestream video should send a popup notification to you as soon as it goes live. But the easiest way is to just watch the one above.

Guests at the panel will include Catherine Coleman Flowers (founder of Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise Community Development Corp.), Gordon Lafor (labor policy expert), and Cindy Estrada (vice president of the United Auto Workers labor union.)


Video: Bernie Sanders Joins International Video Conference for Peace (at about 45:00 mark)

SUNDAY 2PM EDT: Sen. Bernie Sanders Joins Progressive Activists for International Video Conference to Help Build Globally Coordinated People’s Movement for Peace

Activists from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Nepal and the Netherlands Come Together to Discuss Diplomatic Solutions to Global Crises

Washington, D.C.—On Sunday, March 18th—to mark the 15th anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq—thousands of grassroots activists from more than 15 countries will come together in a live video call to discuss diplomatic solutions to international conflicts. The call is part of an effort to build a globally coordinated diplomatic movement that can tip the balance towards peace.

Bernie Sanders Interview on Inequality in America

Published on Mar 16, 2018
Ana Kasparian interviews Senator Bernie Sanders on inequality in America and his upcoming national town hall. Watch LIVE Inequality in America: A National Town Hall at 7pm eastern Monday March 19th, more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/19717...

We live in the richest country in the history of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by a tiny handful of individuals while more than 40 million Americans live in poverty. The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.

On March 19th, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in partnership with The Guardian, NowThis, The Young Turks and Act.tv, will present a live town hall event on the rise of the oligarchy and the collapse of the American middle class. Sanders will speak with director Michael Moore, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, economist Darrick Hamilton and other guests about the 40-year decline of the middle class and possible solutions to the growing crisis of income and wealth inequality in America.

The event will be live streamed across the social media platforms of Sen. Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore, The Guardian, NowThis, The Young Turks, Act.tv and Buzzfeed.

Twitter Photo: This reaction says it all


Bernie Sanders' ROCKSTAR Like Appearance At D.C. Student Gun Control Rally

Published on Mar 14, 2018
Bernie Sanders is mobbed by students wanting selfies with the senator after his brief remarks at the student walkout for action on gun control in Washington D.C..
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