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Gender: Female
Hometown: Pacific Grove California
Home country: USA
Current location: Northern California
Member since: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 74

Journal Archives

If you have Free Speech TV on you cable channel, you can watch her at 6am PST.

And I think the quote was "Money Boo Hoo", to further depict the whining.

I absolutely agree! I love Alex, but little Luke is a bit gaggin...

Mostly everything was geared towards the Republican point of view, their concerns, their beliefs, etc. Did anyone hear him at one point say "we" as in he inadvertently admitted whose side he takes in all of this. Yuck!

Do the pundits ever actually listen to themselves?

It cracks me up to hear on one hand, that President Obama is a dictator and is ruining democracy in this country. Today I heard Rudy Guilliani remark his admiration for Putin (pretty much a dictator for real) because he decides to do something and it just takes 1/2 day to accomplish. Our President on the other hand, has to talk and consult with other people and diddles and daddles and just can't take action fast enough!
Can they not even delve into the depths of their own hatred? Wow!

I have always enjoyed her as well, but could she talk slower?

Joy is intelligent, inciteful, and always informed. I just wish she would take a breath and slow down. Hosting a talk show is not like being in a race. She can sometimes talk faster than I care to listen.

From your lips...

Yes, we have to hack at the root of the problem, not all of the branches it produces. Thanks!

There was also a 5.7 quake a few hours ago at Lake Almanor in Plumas County


I so appreciate your posting this! Thank you! n/t

I agree with you 100%. No talk about cutting anything for regular people while

the tax loopholes and oil co. subsidies still exist. But what I can't understand is the acceptance of the discussion's starting point which is the so-called "entitlement programs" have to change without bringing it back around to unless and until the some fairness to the wealthiest people and corporations are put into place, don't even to talk to me about my social security or medicare benefits should be cut after I have paid into it all my life. That is why it is called an entitlement! I am entitled to it because I paid in to it. It is not a subsidized taxpayer program like subsidizing the oil companies so they will explore for more toxic oil and gas to hasten our planet's demise.

I totally agree! I had the pleasure of voting for her.

She handles herself with such ease, maturity, wisdom, and knowledge. I did appreciate her standing up for the people instead of the banks and did not roll over when asked to get out of the way. She will rise even further, no doubt.

Fascinating, exciting, important! Wow! Thanks for posting. n/t

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