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Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Current location: Phoenix, AZ
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 76

Journal Archives

Thank you for your opinion, Rocco

I would love to try a Mac. But, let's face it, they are pricey! How much would one cost, do you think?

Damn Laptops

I hear you. For one who can type 80+ wpm, I can't type for diddly-squat on these new laptops. But I wasn't aware of the tap to click fix. Thanks. I would still have my ancient and honorable laptop for mobility; It just seems that having a larger screen to see what I am looking at (old-age eyes here) would work better for me, along with the regular type keyboard that I have been used to over the years. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Thanks for your reply.

Good advice.

Thanks for taking the time to look these small computers up for me so that I could read about them. I appreciate that, Fumesucker.

Thanks Fumesucker

Thank you for your good advice. After your reply, I checked, and Apple has a very compact computer (about $600). I have never used an Apple before. Do you know of any PC manufacturers that have a computer that compact? As you said, the monitor and keyboard are relatively inexpensive.

All in One Desktops

I have an older laptop but was thinking along the lines of an all-in-one for my next purchase. Love the idea of a good sized monitor and a separate keyboard. I seem to have trouble keyboarding on these newer laptop keyboards. Has anyone made a purchase of an all-in-one? A middle of the road all-in-one runs about $1,000.

Seems like there are a few bugs in the system

I have been asked just the once to be on the jury so I can't relate exactly to what happened to you. You indicated that you would serve, and then what? No response at all? At least I did get a message after that. I'm wondering if too many potential jurors answering all at one time might gum up the works, but I'm not a techie.

Yes, I was asked to serve on a Jury

Have to say with only 30-something posts to my name, I was kinda surprised. Is this a mistake, I asked myself, not feeling qualified. By the time I looked at it for awhile, walked away, came back and finally clicked yes, I got the message that it was too late, that they had already had all the jurors for a particular period of time. So you do have to answer in a timely manner.


Is there a more ridiculous euphemism in our language than Pro Life? What it really means is Anti Choice.

Thanks Redqueen

for your Welcome. I am trying to affix a smiley here, but apparently I am technically challenged. So, a big smile from me.
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