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Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Current location: Phoenix, AZ
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 07:59 PM
Number of posts: 75

Journal Archives

Foolish Me

I use to think folks donated to charity because their heart was in the right place. Knock me down. It's only the poor that donate to charity out of that philosophy. The lower income citizens generally don't do the long tax forms that allow those deductions. Apparently we have to have a tax deduction in order for the higher-income citizens to even consider giving to charity.

Political Tactics for the uniformed

That's why it is so important to spend a little time getting to know what the political parties represent. It becomes very obvious to the informed what these Republican candidates are doing when they shift to the center. Scott Brown of Massachusetts shifts to the center when he is up against Democrat Elizabeth Warren in a Democratic state. But then he will head right back to the right when elected. Honestly, some people are really gullible. These Republican shifts to the center are to capture the vote of those who are clueless.

My Republican relatives silent

My daughter and hubby are intelligent, well-informed Republicans. Their Facebook walls are regularly plastered with anti-Obama, anti-Democratic messages. I checked Facebook the past couple of days looking for their reaction to the Romney "win." Zip - Nada - Negative. Not one mention of the debate or Romney. My guess is that they were not impressed with Romney throwing the Republican platform under the bus. They are not gloating.

Vitamin D for colds?

I thought that was Vitamin C.

My understanding is that D helps the body to better absorb calcium, and that is why you find it in most calcium supplements.

Yeah, Sununu is all of those names

I lived in Massachusetts for 64 years. Sununu was frequently shown on the Boston news stations back when he was governor. I can still hear my Dad saying, "God, I can't stand that guy." Now I know what he meant.
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