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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Current location: Phoenix, AZ
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 07:59 PM
Number of posts: 75

Journal Archives

Had to Curb the Smile

For years, as a young thing, I was an airline attendant (stewardess in those days). I gave dazzling smiles to all those perfect strangers (men and women). It was safe and part of the job. After leaving that profession, I continued to smile back at unknown men who smiled at me on the street. Had to stop that pretty darn quick. Too bad even a smile can give the wrong impression to some. When a stranger (man) smiles at you, what's he saying? "You look really cheery, so I think I will smile at you, "You are attractive and I would really like you to smile back at me," or "Give me a smile, and I'll be all over you if I get the chance," or something else? I don't know how guys think. Help me out here.

The return of Massachusetts Mitt

One of Mitt's talking points is how he worked across the aisle with the Democrats in Massachusetts to get it done. With a Demo advantage of 87%, I guess he had to. The thing is, though, Massachusetts Mitt was not the same Mitt as the "Severely Conservative" Mitt that campaigned the past year-and-a-half to appease the tea party folks. This guy would never have been elected in Massachusetts if he were that conservative. No one makes it in Massachusetts who is tea-party conservative. But look who has just shown up again - Mass. Mitt! Give me a break. Who knows what he thinks? Does he know what he thinks?

Quite a coup if we can get Carmona in

Carmona is popular with all the political groups as he is pretty much a centrist. After all, he was appointed by Bush. He is also very popular with Veterans with his military background. We'll take him anyway we can get him in this red state. My district #9 (Federal races) or #24 (local ) is a left leaning district, and I am sure Carmona will win in the 9th District. The Democrats desperately need to hold the Senate. Go Carmona!

Speaking of Hate Radio

I live in Phoenix now, hotbed of Republicanism (but changing slowly). Anyway, several months ago I was driving back late one night from babysitting the grandkids, and I flicked on the radio for some company during the half-hour drive home. I settled on a station and listened to some man talking about what I wasn't sure. As he neared the end, his voice rose in a mighty crescendo - KENYAN SOCIALIST MARXIST COMMUNIST OBAAAAAMAAAAA! I sat there in shock. You had to have been there. I couldn't believe what I was listening to. I had never heard anything so hateful on the radio before. If Republicans are listening to this night after night, it's no wonder they are as rabid as they have become. So anyway, a few seconds of silence after this ugly rant, and a gentle voice comes on the air, and a man says, "You are listening to Fox radio - News, fair and balanced." Huh? I'm all for free speech, but this was actually frightening to me in its hatred. So where are the liberal radio stations, hiding I guess.

Alienated Women

If the subject comes up, I would think the reproductive issues (abortion/contraception) are going to have to tag along. Otherwise, what is there to say? The religious right have commandeered the Republican party. I am old enough to remember when that wasn't the case. Religion doesn't belong in politics. Anyone is free to think and behave as their conscience dictates, but stay the heck out of making the rules for everyone. Even Barry Goldwater, conservative as he was, did not like what was happening to his party. We can all see what is happening in red states, and it really angers me.

Yes, it's about time - hope you are right

Comments were made about the last debate that Obama and Romney were sounding too much alike (of course, we all know Romney was lying), but these social issues must come up because they will certainly delineate differences between the two parties. Considering how much the Republicans have alienated the women, Latinos, LGBT's, and half of society with the 47% crack, how can these issues be ignored? I know, it's the economy, economy, economy. Well, it's other issues, too. I wouldn't vote for a Republican if they threatened me with a baseball bat; and for me, much of that animosity is directed at these ignoramuses with their backward views.

Thanks, Jurors

Never meant to cause a furor. I am most definitely not a "troll." What I am is a forever-liberal 70-year old grandma hunched over my computer with a few thoughts. I apologize to anyone who thought it was hurtful. Frankly, I am the one feeling hurt.

Lots to Digest there, good stuff

While we're on this, you know what really sticks in my craw? The destruction of the unions by the 1% and the wholesale export of the manufacturing jobs out of our country. These jobs paid good wages to hard-working Americans, and these Americans paid a boatload of taxes on those wages. And now the 1% is crying, "We pay too much in taxes." Well, duh! You managed all on your own to decimate a good part of the tax base, now quit your whining and pay your share. I am not sympathetic.

Hope I'm Not Off Topic Here

But I have been thinking for some time...what if the political roles were reversed? Would the Democrats act as badly as the Republicans have the past four years, with their fillibusters and general obstruction? I have asked a couple of friends of mine (both women) about that. Both said, "nooooo, Democrats would never do that."

What do you think - are the Dems morally superior or would it be tit-for-tat?

Just a Beginner, but...

I'm just getting warmed up. Thanks for your welcome.
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