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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Current location: Phoenix, AZ
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 76

Journal Archives

Know What You Mean

It's not just that they get offended, it's what they are saying in the first place that gets me. For instance, she who-shall-remain-nameless, posts on her wall every day that she has been to her morning workout, as if we all care. She who-shall-remain-nameless posts a picture of her reproductive system prior to a hysterectomy she needed. That's more information than I want to know. And finally, she informs us all that she has purchased a hair removal gizmo to use on her private parts! I am not kidding. Geesh.

Thanks Aristus

I just checked out Will Shakespeare in the Lounge. I'm not sure what a whining mammet is, but I'll take it as gospel that it describes Paul Ryan. Thanks for the suggestion. I will be certain to check it out again for 16th century words to add to my vocabulary.

You may be a republican...

If you think that the millions without health insurance is a small percentage of the whole and therefore are not worth bothering about.

Republicans who are haters cannot discuss issues

I don't mind engaging a Republican when we talk the issues, but if all they can do is name calling, I politely leave. I was in the elevator in my apartment building two days ago when an obvious Republican asked me if I was voting for Romney? Not that it was any of his business, but I said, no, I don't like conservative viewpoints. He said to me, "You do know Obama's parents were communists?" I said that I wasn't aware of that but since Republicans have been calling him a Muslim these past few years, I find a Muslim-Communist to be an interesting combination. Obviously, he is picking weirdo information off the Internet. Some of it you wouldn't believe.

Another DU'r Hits the Scene

I have given some thought to this, my debut, so that I do not ramble on incoherently forever. As a volunteer at the local Democratic headquarters, someone put the bug in my ear about this website. And I have really enjoyed the DU family to the point that I have to occasionally remind myself that the sink is full of dishes and that the fridge is empty. Many of you are hilarious. I laughed so hard at a post last week, I had to grab my inhaler to ward off an asthma attack.

First, a little about myself. I live in Phoenix now, having retired from Boston, where I had lived all my life. The reason I am here is because my son is now here and, well, the winters ARE great (summers are a different story).

Although it has been said that people generally become more conservative as they age, I would have to say that no one has asked me about that. My leftist ideology has only strengthened over the years. I am a "we" person. WE are what this country is about, not what benefits the me, myself, and I.

That being said, I tend to think outside the box. Which may cause me to be trolled now and then. I am most definitely not a troll. I am occasionally a yeah, but....person because I give a lot of thought to issues that divide us. How can you truly validate what you believe if you don't expose yourself to what others feel about the issue? I might not like what the opposition says and point my finger at the TV and yell, "That's a load of crap!" But at least I have spent a little of my time trying to understand what others say.

I am sure there is some divisiveness (OK Spell Checker, I'll look up the darn word) among DU members. Just as Republicans typically like their guns, I'm sure many Democrats do, too. Aren't there? I don't know. I would be scared to even hold one. So I'm no expert there. But we cannot all think exactly the same here, I'm thinking.

So glad to be with you all. I'm sure you are saying, finally, she's done! I could use a little help with some of these abbreviations, such as n/t and K&R. I have no clue what those and others mean. As an afterthought, having nothing to do with anything, I hope to live long enough to see a woman become President of the USA. Go Madame President, whoever you may be.

No planned visit that I am aware of

But you never know. I don't know his agenda, other than Ohio as you mentioned. This Senate seat is so important. The thought of a Democrat elected to the US Senate in Arizona makes my head spin!

Arizona - The Purple State

I have been here since 2006 in this red state (from Boston) And, I am seeing for the first time, the Democratic party here calling it a Purple State. Wow. I have been to Democratic Headquarters, and it is awe inspiring to see the fervor and dedication of the volunteers - white, black, Latinos, Asian, and LGBT all working so hard to get the vote. You would think Carmona would be a shoe-in, but then again, we are in Arizona. This is very good news for Carmona and Obama.

What is "Truth"

Read a book recently where newspaper journalists were the main characters. To quote one of the journalists - "Truth is whatever you can make people believe."

So I meet a neighbor in the laundry room

at our apartment building, and he starts talking to me about Merida, Mexico. At first it was Veracruz, but now it's Merida. "Oh, you are planning on a trip to Mexico, Bob?" "Yes," says Bob. "Well, that's nice," I say. "When are you going," says me. "If Romney wins this election, Sophie (his dog) and I are headed to Merida." "That seems kinda drastic, Bob," I say. "The situation calls for it," says Bob.

I went back to my apartment and looked up Merida, Mexico. Seems like a great place! Wonder if he would like company.

Nice "Smile" story, Dawg

Thanks for your lovely reply. Yes, words are not the only way to communicate.
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