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flying-skeleton's Journal
flying-skeleton's Journal
September 8, 2016

CNN loves Trump but is afraid of commitment !!

Trump made half a dozen statements last night at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, which in all honesty, should have disqualified him from the Presidency. Such as:

# Trump trashed our military
# Trump made a mockery of our military generals
# Trump professed his love for Putin
# Trump blamed military sexual assaults on the victims

These are just a few of Trump's "WACKY" statements from last night in less than 30 minutes while fielding softball questions from Matt Lauer who was probably interviewing for show on the future Trump TV Network.

And today, all CNN is doing is talking about Hillary's statements about the emails and her statement that she will not want to place ground troops in a war against ISIS preferring instead to use other military means to defeat them once and for all.

Shame on CNN.They're trying to emulate Fox News while pretending to be impartial. America is not stupid and can see what is going on. No wonder CNN viewership is on the decline and their hosts are made a mockery on all the comedy channels.

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