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Gender: Male
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Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 02:02 AM
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I'm starting to believe the core GOP docrtine is simply: "History is written by the victors."

They don't care about anything else and they will cheat just as much as they can get away with to do it.

Hunter started at Burisma in 2014. GOP KNEW THIS WHEN THEY HAD THE HOUSE.

And the Biden pressure to fire the corrupt prosecutor took place in "late 2015 and early 2016." Again, when the GOP had full control of Congress. And I'm pretty sure the Senate could investigate if they wanted, even now. (I'm not sure who else would/could investigate that, but Trump controls the CIA and FBI too, for all this time).


Also, holy crapoli! Hunter's Wikipedia page calls Trump+GOP the liars they are:

Biden served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 to 2019. He has been the subject of debunked rightwing conspiracy theories concerning his business dealings in Ukraine.[1] In 2019, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that Joe Biden had sought the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor in order to protect Hunter Biden from investigation.[2][3][4] However, Hunter Biden was not under investigation,[5] and there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by him in Ukraine.[6] Trump's alleged attempt to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate the Bidens by withholding foreign aid[7][8][9] triggered an impeachment inquiry in September 2019. In October 2019, Biden resigned from the Board of Directors of a Chinese private investment fund he co-founded, BHR Partners, saying he wanted to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest while his father was running for president.[10][11]


This is History being written.

I've largely stopped using it. I gave up screaming into the air about GOP+Trump. :p

But I didn't until the inquiry opened. That's when, I suppose, I felt I could finally relax. I'm still Fired Up, Ready-To-GO for voting in 2020, of course. Wild hoses couldn't drag me away.

In our defense, Fox News told us Hillary was basically Satan!


This is exactly how the police lost their reputation for many Americans.

Too many of them got away with obvious and horrific crimes.

I have to wonder how uncomfortable some of the SEALS are now. They all must know a few guys who are trigger-happy. But even if not, now America sees one of them getting away with a horrific abuse.

Steele is a Hilarious-Republican: Someone who should have left years ago but just can't.

All of this and more.

Trump offends every cell in my body.

And Republicans have never failed to become more dicky over my lifetime. Their very last president lied us into a war and then crashed the goddamn economy. Then our guy fixes the economy, kills OBL, and keeps us stable... and then American voters were like, "Durrrr.. which party is gud in this era IDK???? DURR..."

I couldn't be more disappointed with my country at this time. 92 million eligible voters didn't even show up in 2016 to stop a buffoonish and failed businessman from getting All The Power. That's 30 million more than either major party candidate got. Dude controls our nukes. Fuckkkk usssss.

Camel tie O.o

"To them, he's practically a hometown success story." -Inherited millions, not from rural area. But



Kidding. That wouldn't lose him any supporters.
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