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Gender: Male
Current location: Dallas, TX
Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 02:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,678

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2016 was fake birtherism+fake email scandal. 2020 was fake Hunter scandal.


"Men who never learned how to masturbate properly..." --It's tragic. Won't you donate to the incel

masturbation training program today?

Russians were posting in DEM circles, backing all sides on contentious issues to make us hate each

more and to depress Democratic turnout as much as possible.

Why should any of us believe they stopped? Their boy won and then got his crony to blunt the Mueller report's impact. No one has been convicted of hacking, just lying to the FBI. The Russian hackers we indicted will never come here. Russia has every reason to keep doing this as long as Donald Trump is president.

They were trying to get Stein people and Bernie people to all hate Hillary even more, etc. This is just a sample. There was much more:

They focused their efforts on pages that touched American nerves, with names like “Guns4Life,” “Pray for Police,” “Stop All Invaders,” “South United” and — mimicking Mr. Trump — “America First.”

Even pages that seemed nominally hostile to him often worked in his favor: “Woke Blacks” critiqued Mrs. Clinton for alleged hostility to African-Americans; “United Muslims of America” showed her with a woman in a head scarf and a slogan — “Support Hillary, Save American Muslims” — that seemed aimed at generating a backlash.

. . .

The Russian company’s formula was simple: tap into a simmering strain of opinion in the United States and pour on the fuel.

Consider the Texas protest. After the Russians put up the “Stop Islamization” Facebook post, several dozen like-minded Texans added their own incendiary comments. “Allah Sucks,” wrote one, adding a threat to kill any Muslim who tried to visit him. Another wrote of the Islamic center, “Need to Blow this place up.”

A dozen yelling white supremacists turned out for the protest, at least two of them with assault rifles and a third with a pistol. Others held Confederate flags and a “White Lives Matter” banner.

Houston police managed to keep them away from a much larger crowd of counterprotesters — some of whom had responded to a second Russian Facebook call. In a blatant attempt to create a confrontation, another Internet Research Agency page, this one called United Muslims of America, had asked people to rally at exactly the same time and place to “Save Islamic Knowledge.”

"The Plot to Subvert an Election"


"How can we talk about policy when this room has so little gold in it?!"

Hold me, Stella!

I had an idea for a comic like this but they were ticks, feeding on America, and Trump is yelling,

"Suck faster, kids!" as justice closes in on them.

Now if only I could draw... :p

Don't forget the pizza joint basement! The chilllldren!! *crazy look*

That's cool. :D

Yass, Reich!

I'm clippin' coupons for mah record player.

That chick is Judas. She gon' stab somebody soon!

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