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Gender: Male
Current location: Dallas, TX
Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 03:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,678

Journal Archives

"And then she said she was a Trump voter!..." EEEEEEEEK! :p

Why yessss, they ARE that corrupt.

Thank you for noticing.

Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.

At their darkest moment in Mordor--on the barren plains of Gorgoroth--with their journey seemingly going on forever like an "ever-darkening dream," Sam and Frodo escape in hallucinations, imagining they're back in sunny Hobbiton. In this waste land, with Mount Doom billowing black smoke into the sky, even the stars are blotted out at night. Sam never lets go of the phial of Galadriel, however. He wears it around his neck--a glowing symbol of goodness and hope, the antithesis to the evil Ring of Doom on its golden necklace, weighing down Frodo's head like a millstone.

/Marianne Williamson mode OFF

Of course a Russian River would prefer red...

They've all come to look for America...

The bra training expert has logged on.

"This was a takedown attempt but we caught them."

Alright. But did she furrow an eyebrow or not?

Some people thrive on challenging moments.

I'm not one of them. :p

Inhale... exhale... we knew this was going to happen. November is just as important today as it was


Think happy thoughts of a not-so-long-ago that we might one day have again...

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