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Gender: Male
Current location: Dallas, TX
Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 03:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,678

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They have no constituency and no power. See: Log Cabin Republicans.

But maybe not concerted hacking. We'll all find out together, I guess. It'll be fun!

Satan's Representative to all Turtlekind(tm)

He HE met us?

& his comment about just needing a president "w/ enough working digits" to sign their wishlist items

That's why Trump is a dream come true to them. He needs their blind loyalty to even exist, and they give it because he's giving them most everything they ever wanted.

57 seconds in:


I think I need some artificial intelligence to understand this. :p

These are the ppl that stole an election (Bush), stole a SCOTUS seat (Garland). Of COURSE they will

shut this down too. And we knew all along that they would. This is a huge /yawn for me.

Election or bust...

A true Friday Night Dump, hot and fresh from the Repuke dumpster fire. :p

!CNN BREAKING NEWS! -- Trump voters are also trolls. Story at 11.

Humanity is going to destroy itself. n/t

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