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Gender: Male
Current location: Dallas, TX
Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 02:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,678

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Is it wrong to hope she designed those shoes, and that they wreck her feet? :p

He will never run around and desert you, CaptainTruth.

Come backkk. The image in your footer isn't showing for me. You might need an updated link.


He's a snowflake trapped in the wrong globe.

Correct. Here's an account that hosts the NZ shooter manifesto. I reported it every way I could.

Still it sits there...

It's in the photos of this account that has over 22,000 followers and growing. If you scroll down to the small white pages of the document labeled "The Great Replacement," that's what I'm talking about but there's gobs of other racist shit there.


Feel free to report it yourself. Maybe it will help. I may have reported so many people that Facebook just trashes my reports now. I can't think of any other innocent reason for allowing the spread of this garbage.

I think this episode talks about how the Clinton impeachment went down for us:


I hit rewind and made my partner watch it because he wasn't paying sufficient attention. :p

The U.S. made more than 500 treaties with Native American tribes. We've violated or broken them all.

From 1778 to 1871, the United States government entered into more than 500 treaties with the Native American tribes; all of these treaties have since been violated in some way or outright broken by the US government,[22][23][24][25] while at least one treaty was violated or broken by Native American tribes.[26] However, violations by one party do not nullify the treaties under US law; the treaties still have legal effect today, and Native Americans and First Nations peoples are still fighting for their treaty rights in federal courts and at the United Nations.[23][27]


1 thing: They got more att'n for using that than they EVER would have if they went with the usual.

What is the point of a campaign like this? To get people talking about your issue. And we are. For every 20 people who make fun of the slogan, 1 might lead to a serious conversation with someone about it.


Wait, this is bad for me?? *spits out feathers*

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