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Gender: Male
Current location: Dallas, TX
Member since: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 03:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,678

Journal Archives

I like how skeptical many of you are. That gives me hope... for the future...


Ironically, if incels' hands could latch onto their own dicks, they might not be so angry.

Can you imagine... men who never learned to masturbate properly?! O.o

Look at this shit, Mike...

Faster than a leeching mullet! More powerful than a psychoactive!

Able to leap criminal filings in a single bound!

It's... Super Douche!

Arraigned Clown Posse

"And the one before that, and the one before that." is where he excuses Trump for his role.

But WE see ya, sucker.

You didn't see any news for a month until 30 mintues ago?

Wow. I might be jealous because I can't look away. :p

And you're surely correct in your assessment. There were reforms after Nixon, but they clearly weren't strong enough. Now we need "Trump reforms."

I'm now slightly less sure now that Republicans will name a major airport after him to troll the libs*. "Now landing at... Donald J. Trump International Airport..." grrr..

*(Offer does not apply in Mississippi or Louisiana)

I always think of the Salem's Lot vampyr:

Honestly... Rudy puts so much more effort into it. I think he's the better vampyr.

Unfortunately, if the GOP burns Trump+Rudy, they might just escape accountability. "Have you seen our NEW president, Mike Pence?! (NOW with 100% more Normal!) You saw nothing about a corrupt Republican... *jedi hand wave*..."

When I click through, it tells me this of the picture: "This media may contain sensitive material."

I had to click a 'View' button in order for Trump's face to appear. I can see Betty's tweet just fine above it. :p

Here's some links on farmer woes:



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