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How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries

Really interesting article in the NYTimes today about what it takes to buy a gun in different countries. I'm on the record for supporting your right to buy a gun but adding a lot more oversight and regulation for the protection of society. In this article, I particularly like the approach Japan takes, with some changes (I would strike item 1, increase the frequency of of the classes in item 2, strike item 5, and I don't understand item 7):


Japan 1) Join a hunting or shooting club. 2) Take a firearm class and pass a written exam, which is held up to three times a year. 3) Get a doctor’s note saying you are mentally fit and do not have a history of drug abuse. 4) Apply for a permit to take firing training, which may take up to a month. 5) Describe in a police interview why you need a gun. 6) Pass a review of your criminal history, gun possession record, employment, involvement with organized crime groups, personal debt and relationships with friends, family and neighbors. 7) Apply for a gunpowder permit. 8) Take a one-day training class and pass a firing test. 9) Obtain a certificate from a gun dealer describing the gun you want. 10) Buy a gun safe and an ammunition locker that meet safety regulations. 11) Allow the police to inspect your gun storage. 12) Pass an additional background review. 13) Buy a gun.

Deputies respond to active shooter at Florida high school

Source: NYPost

CBS 4 Miami texted with a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland — near Fort Lauderdale — who said they’re hiding in the closet.

“All of a sudden there was a really loud noise… people are crying in the closet,” the student wrote to CBS 4.

The outlet reported a number of people could be seen from their newscopter being loaded into ambulances on a stretcher.

Coral Springs police advised students and teachers in the locked-down school should remain barricaded until officers reach them.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2018/02/14/deputies-respond-to-reports-of-active-shooter-at-high-school/

There were 14 school shootings in January, 2018 (https://www.madisondodgeronline.com/opinion/2018/02/09/fourteen-school-shootings-have-happened-as-of-february-1st-2018/). I do not know how many have happened so far in February.

NRA: "But now is not the time to talk about school shootings" (said after every school shooting).

CNN Op Ed: Pelosi and the Democrats sold out the Dreamers

Author: Greisa Martinez Rosas would qualify for the Dream Act and serves as the Advocacy Director of United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country

This week, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke in Congress for eight hours straight about immigrant youth. She shared our stories and called for passage of the Dream Act. Yet, while she was speaking, Democratic and Republican party leaders were writing a budget deal that would leave protections for immigrant youth out in exchange for dollars on other projects.


At a CNN town hall one year ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan told my friend Angelica that she would be safe, yet we now live in danger of being picked up and taken to detention centers by Donald Trump's Immigration and Customs Enforcement squads.


Earlier this week, the Senate's Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer, crafted a deal that, cruelly, will do nothing to stop the pain and the deportations. And Thursday night, Nancy Pelosi failed to whip her caucus to use its leverage to protect us, as 73 Democrats voted with Republicans for the budget deal and secured nothing from Paul Ryan.


Leader Pelosi, House Democrats and the Republicans who say they stand with immigrant youth and the promise of Lady Liberty have a decision to make.


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