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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 18,318

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

Help me out with the polls...

I have heard ad nauseum about Clinton's "big lead" over Sanders in SC. That may well be. But does Anyone have composite polling showing the trend over one month, two months, three months or more? I saw a recent poll which has Sanders at 38%. Yet, he was well in the 20s at the end of the year. This would suggest a trend, but what I'm seeing over and over is Clinton's "big lead" as if it were some static juggernaut.

Has there been any trend or change?

I figured thrusters would be used, like car ferries now.

The "News Narrative:" The Socialist -v- The Billionaire.

That's what the big Newz Media players are dubbing it.

BBC calls it the "Leftist" -v- the Billionaire. NPR calls it the "d) (D) Socialist" -v- the "Billionaire." One candidate is defined by a political label, the other by an increasingly generic monetary status. However one might construe the meaning of these labels, one thing is for sure: MSM seems comfortable shirking its duty to tell us about the politics one one of the candidates, forcing the voter to puzzle over a Gates strain of billionaire, or a Bloomberg strain, or a Carlos Slick, or an UberFacedMadoff strain. If pressed, the "Billionaire" is inflammatory, or riding a "wave of dissent and anger" who should "dial it back 20%." No mentioned on of racism, sexism, sink-or-swim economics, or sword-rattling.

But the other is still a socialist.

I'll say it again: Bernie is opposed by MSM, the Democratic Party, the economic elites, and our present administration. And I'll say again as well, at some point soon, progressives WILL talk to the TPs and the disaffected GOP tRump depends on. To win, we have no choice.
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