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Member since: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 08:58 PM
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Joe Biden Has It Right: We Shouldn't Impose Our Personal Religious Views On Others!

Joe Biden as as "real" a communicator as the USA has ever had the honor of having in our midst as a public servant. It was impossible not to notice the depth of his conviction during the debate in all important issues.

But the moment I recall most vividly was his emotional admission he accepted his faith's strict anti-abortion beliefs but would absolutely not seek to impose his will on others! Joe Biden does not have one iota of a "holier than thou" restrictive nature.

I personally praise the Lord because President Obama and Veep Joe Biden have no desire to play God in the White House!
Posted by SkepticMetric | Mon Oct 15, 2012, 12:06 PM (0 replies)

These Fools Will Pay for Racist Talk! We will have the last laugh!

This blatant racism WILL put a big smile on my face. Indeed, precisely at the moment 22 days from now when President Obama and Veep Biden are declared winners over these prejudiced pigs.

I simply cannot fathom how anybody could be so wicked as to assume one's skin color makes another human being inferior!

Here the radical right racists yell out vile "Go back to Africa" hate messages, having no fear of being called out for their disgusting comments. In the name of decency and democracy, this sleazy action should be attacked in the news media as headline material exemplifying the horror of haters laughing at the most debasing dialogue a human being can devise.

Yes, the old saying "He who laughs last laughs best!" will be my modus operandi in three weeks when these racists go into mourning as we celebrate until the next morning!
Posted by SkepticMetric | Mon Oct 15, 2012, 11:52 AM (0 replies)

A Proposal: How to Deal with a Pyro-Maniac Set to Light Up a Killing Fire Storm with Propaganda!

Think about it: every war the United States has fought in was driven by freedom of speech issues! Few things I can imagine are worse than nations or individuals attempting to halt the right of people to honestly and candidly express their opinions.

Having said that, if one knows a torch and flame propellant he is carrying surely would set off a horrible firestorm and cause mayhem and possibly murderous reactions, does he have a right to light the damn thing?

It sure is a tricky issue, and maybe even bearing the enigmatic burden of applying "situational ethics", BUT DON'T DARE TO LIGHT THE BLOWTORCH, YOU MURDEROUS BLOWHARDS!

I have practiced various forms of communications for many years, having "earned" (I hope an MA in Journalism from the University of Iowa. But I have yet to hear a logical argument to allow nit-wits to cause horrid consequences by, yes, I borrow the classic example, shouting fire in a crowded theater.

It is a quite perplexing issue to resolve. No decision seems totally "pure". Egad! I see I argue passionately here to suppress free speech under severely dangerous conditions that could cause great harm to people, places or things.

But who has the judicious right to make the demanding call! Well, that's a matter better left to a modern day Socrates than this circumloquacious Irishman!

But I must admit I would knock an individual trying to set a malicious fire on his ass with instant dispatch, because viscerally, morally and logically, it sure seems the right thing to do! How about you?
Posted by SkepticMetric | Wed Sep 19, 2012, 09:55 PM (2 replies)

Right or Wrong in Her Conviction, Rice Spoke Before Her "Certain" Opinion Actually Could Be Verified!

Most of us were aghast when Romney delivered his blast so fast about trouble exploding in the Middle East. Hey, I am aghast all over again, in fact, just about gassed out after hearing Susan Rice vow that the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was purely "spontaneous combustion" due to anger over the offensive video.

I find it amazingly naive of Ms. Rice to vouch with total certitude that NO enemy force planned their murderous mayhem before the horrid videotape hit the internet. How could our government have reached their verdict that our consulate became a killing field simply because a cursing crowd got out of hand?

This explanation does not pass any sort of communications research logic. No wonder the far right is butting into this momentously significant matter. It's not, to borrow the phrase, "Something stinks in Denmark', so to speak. Hell no, something stinks when our diplomats rashly rush to judgment!
Posted by SkepticMetric | Wed Sep 19, 2012, 09:56 AM (1 replies)

Morning Joe "Top Talkers" Coach Romney's Clown Handlers To Triple-Down On Spewing B.S.!

This pleasant Tuesday in the last week of summer turned mentally stormy for me as I became discombobulated watching the pompous pundits on Morning Joe spend a half hour coaching the goofs handling Mitt Romney, exhorting them to put up their dukes ---err, make that "Mitt", get tougher with the talk, by gosh, triple-down and (imho) continue to play the clown to gain renown!

Donnie Deutsch, Morning Joe, the GOP cliche'-ridden schmoo, sensation-seeking Tina Brown, attention-starved creator of the sick 'NewsWeak' cover stories and the rest of the mindless palavers, made trite, ill-informed suggestions on how the "inelegant" Romney basket case communicators still could save the day.

Just continue to call the Obama-loyal 47 per centers hopeless outcasts. Focus fervently on the fertile independent, undecided targets....in fact, kiss their ass(es)!

This coming metaphor doesn't fit, but did you ever feel you had to hold your nose to avoid the stinking smell of Romney-ridden stink emanating from your TV set? I better change viewing behavior and switch to Fox News and get off on their "fare unbalanced" nonsense than stay loyal to "mourning Joe".

Indeed, the group of giddy gabbers created a Dale Carnegie-like "How to Influence People" forum for the Romney and Ryan Regiment Driven to Run Over the Middle Class.

A pompous, pathetic and pretentious lout of a presidential candidate is outed speaking untruths to power, selling a bunch of big donor fat cats on the concept they hold precious: that you literally don't have to give a shit about the concerns of half the American citizens. Hell no! Simply, discard dissidents hating your elitist hierarchy of values as being of no consequence to your warped American Dream in your shoddy scheme.

THE tape exposed the unethically elite forces so vividly I can vouch with certitude that I indeed surely know and have seen in living color the characters fitting the definition of the old school term, CAPITALISTIC PIG!

The repugnant Republican ritual? Just spew out putrid falsehoods so the self-centered rich sons of bitches can get off on that tax-dodging thrill that sends a tingle up their legs!

God help the USA if this truly evil and unethical nasty niche of One Percenters gain the right to rule literally within weeks! We are on the count down on a calendar about to seal our fate. Go out and do something about it!

It would be the better of two evils I joketh to vote against that elephantine contingent by taking to the ballot box early and often on Election Day, as we progressives in Chicago have been accused of doing for decades.

WE PLEDGE TO NOT STUFF THE BALLOT BOX despite what they say on FOX! We go forward to fight by championing voter rights. It's the crafty, cheating plans being plotted throughout the land we must confront.

The opposition's scheme is to block enough voters to tip the balance against those of us more committed than ever to back hope and change equally for all Americans, half of whom Romney virtually identifies as human waste unfit to have a voice in America!

So do your patriotic part to get out the vote to keep out the worst of the business barons from using the White House as their tool to pump up questionable profits for their corporate bottom lines---and see how low they can make the fading middle class go!

MAD AS HELL, I am the CynicMetric and we must stick together and prevail! Rage and at least invest enough of yourself above the minimum wage of due Democratic diligence the forces of the Democratic Underground must exhaust to win!
Posted by SkepticMetric | Wed Sep 19, 2012, 08:47 AM (0 replies)

William's Horror Surely Relates to His Mother's Death Due to Money-Grubbing Picture Takers!

Let's say photographers driven by a financial bonanza and fame through infamous photos chased YOUR mother through the streets of London in a crazy car chase! You would be outraged that the profane game was driven by a vile desire to snap a picture. How pitiful that the ghoulish goal was to expose her frightened face to voyeuristic freaks throughout the whole world. Yet the camera crews lust to makes sure the VIPs they covet to get in their lens are shown in their worse light! Cheerio, crude and morally rude camera crews, cheerio!

This debate could be less shallow and callow if the supporters of this loco photo action would put aside the baloney of "freedom of the press" rights as their avowed sacred premise for sadistic practices.

Think like Prince William must! How would YOU feel if the person you loved most dearly literally was being exposed to the same level of indecency that led directly to the death of his own mother, Princess Diana? Perspective, imbeciles, perspective!
Posted by SkepticMetric | Mon Sep 17, 2012, 07:56 AM (1 replies)
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