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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
July 29, 2015

How much more are they going to release on Sandra Bland?

The video of her in the jail was finally released. Though it shows she was alive in the jail, which I never doubted, it doesn't do much more than that; except to tell us that there is video of her cell. Looking right inside her cell, which up to this point, we were told didn't exist. And if there really isn't any video of her cell at the time of her death, why not?

New Video Sandra Bland in custody

Then we have additional dashcam video from the initial arrest. This from the female officer who said she saw Sandra Bland assault the first trooper. However, she says she saw something that supposedly happened prior to her vehicle arriving on the scene. We see her car pull up, passing the scene before doing a u turn.

Sandra Bland frisked

Where's the video and/or voice recording of the full 20 minutes or so between Sandra Bland being put in the car, to the time she's released to the jail? What happens while the paramedics? Is she even in the trooper's car or is she taken in by the female cop?

Additionally, we have the report from Texas Commission on Jail Standards. They cited Waller County Jail, for the second time in a few years,

for poor training regarding how to supervise suicidal and mentally disabled patients

In 2012, the jail was cited for failing to supervise inmates after James Harper Howell IV, of Bandera, committed suicide by hanging in the jail, the Associated Press reported.


One has to wonder what really happened with Mr. Howell.

Let's also not forget we have a known racist Sheriff running the show here. Sheriff Smith fired in 2008 for racism

The drips of information being handed out by the various Texas departments and agencies leaves more questions than answers. Each department involved in this should be investigated by the DoJ. And not just about Sandra Bland. Everything should be looked at.
July 28, 2015

Over 75,000 people have signed up for Bernie's 7/29 event

Over 75,000 people registered to attend Bernie events Wednesday!

July 28, 2015

Great OP in GDP!!

By gobears10 (a Chicago kid. You know it's gotta be good! )


July 27, 2015

Just a thought on all the discourse here

I am going to quote my incredibly intelligent grandmother, who I still miss dearly

"The more that'll be said about it, the more there'll said about it."

Let's make "IT" the right thing.

"There's so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it little behooves any of us, to talk about the rest of us."

That's all.

July 27, 2015

Video of Trump hijacking clown car

This is a few years old but I had never seen it before. It wouldn't have been funny if anyone had been hurt but luckily, no one was.

Stole the subject line from Tom_Foolery below. Thanks Tom!
July 26, 2015

So many questions on what happened to Sandra Bland

These questions are mine and Dark n Stormy Knight's from this thread post. http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027009409 I am linking to it because there are a few videos that are important in the OP and articles, the Intercept in particular, that raise more questions.

Knight's questions:

Why did he go to the passenger side of her car at first? Maybe that's not unusual, but I've never seen it before. 

2. How does anyone not see the unnecessary power tripping of the cop in the following exchange? He is supposed to be the professional in this situation. 


BLAND: "I'm waiting on you. This is your job. I'm waiting on you. What do you want me to do?" 

TROOPER: "You seem very irritated." 

BLAND: "I am. I really am. Because of what I've been stopped and am getting a ticket for. I've been getting out of the way. You've been speeding up, so I move over and you stop me. So yeah, I am a little irritated. But that didn't stop you from giving me a ticket." 

TROOPER: "Are you done?" 

BLAND: "You asked me what was wrong and I told you. So now I'm done, yeah." 



TROOPER: "Do you mind putting out your cigarette, please?" 

BLAND: "I'm in my car. Why do I have to put out my cigarette?" 

TROOPER: "Well, you can step out now."

He prods her about why she's irritated. She speaks for approximately 10 seconds and he impatiently asks, "Are you done?," as if she's just gone on and on. Her response to this, that he asked and she told him, pisses him off. He suddenly finds her cigarette offensive. And when she asks why she can't smoke in her own car, he orders her out of the car. Just because she asked why. He is clearly feeling the need to flex his power muscles simply out of ego, not necessity. 

And of course, this is where things escalate. He clearly loses his cool in this moment, which causes her to lose respect for him. She cannot trust him to behave professionally. At first, she was irritated at being pulled over for such a minor, inconsequential infraction. Now she's fearful. It's not that hard to see why she'd be hesitant to get out of the car. She knows many people, particular PoC, have been injured or killed by angry cops. (I want to add that his question was asked to the first person we see that was pulled over, also an out of state person, but it was asked in a completely different tone. The first person he's laughing "are you okay? " like oh it's nothing to worry about. With Sandy Bland, it's obviously asked like a challenge.

3. It's bad enough the video resolution is so low, but why even have dash cams if the cop can just move the interaction out of the camera's line of sight? 

4. Does the cop have the legal authority to order a bystander who is recording the incident to leave for no clear reason? 

I added:

He sped up to catch up with her. You can see it happen and she had not changed lanes until he was already on her ass. Why did he chase her down? 

Why take her glasses off? I feel like he did that because he had every intention of smashing her head into the ground. 

Why didn't they get her any medical attention? She requested EMS. They not only didn't take her, they lied and said she didn't request any medical attention. 

If the pictures of the cell were taken immediately after her death, and nothing was touched, why is there a brand new trash bag liner in the gigantic can in her cell? Why is that can in her cell at all? 

Why is the video of the cell when EMS is called to her actually a video of the monitor and not what was recorded? Why is there a pause in the video and nothing showing what happened while we watch a freeze frame? You can see that the monitor is still being recorded but the recording of what is on the monitor is frozen for many seconds. Could be a full minute. What was going on then? I suspect a garbage can is being put into the cell. 

Why was she brutalized so badly that a leaf was still in a cut in her back? 

What happened when she asked how to use the phone an hour before she was murdered? 

Why is there no video that actually looks into the cell or at least a better look at the cell? I don't believe that's the only angle or camera. 

Why is the DoJ not involved? The FBI infiltrated BLM. They cannot be trusted in this anymore than the local police can be. 

Why is the trooper still working? He was so bad that police departments in the Chicago area are using the dashcam video as a training tape of what NOT to do. 

Why hasn't there been any admonishment for telling whoever got the video on their phone to leave and stop recording? 

Why was the first posted dashcam video altered? Why remove it if it wasn't?

Here's an article in Vice that shows some inconsistencies. They also have the video of the 9 minutes right before they took her lifeless body out of the cell..it's obviously a video of the monitor. That alone is suspicious to me.


Vice has more than a few articles on the "arrest" and death of Sandra Bland. They're worth the read.

This thing stinks to high heaven. The DoJ should be involved. There's no reason that they shouldn't be.

I want answers. What happened to Sandra Bland and why?

July 26, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press NOW

Bernie Sanders OWNED that interview! Awesome interview!

July 26, 2015

Sanders speech before the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Posted by Clayguy61 in Good Reads. Please show him some love for posting it. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1016128594

Fabulous speech!

So we can have it in our group to discuss, I am also posting a portion here:

Across the nation, too many African-Americans and other minorities find themselves subjected to a system that treats citizens who have not committed crimes like criminals. A growing number of communities do not trust the police and police have become disconnected from the communities they are sworn to protect. 

Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice. We know their names. Each of them died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody. The chants are growing louder. People are angry. I am angry. And people have a right to be angry. Violence and brutality of any kind, particularly at the hands of law enforcement sworn to protect and serve our communities, is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. 

We must reform our criminal justice system. Black lives do matter. And we must value black lives. 

We must move away from the militarization of police forces. We must invest in community policing. Only when we get officers into the communities, working within the neighborhoods before trouble arises, do we really develop the relationships necessary to make our communities safer. 

We need a federal initiative to completely redo how we train police officers in this country and give them body cameras. States and localities that make progress in this area should get more federal justice grant money. Those that do not should get their funding slashed. The measure of success for law enforcement should not be how many people get locked up. 

For people who have committed crimes that have landed them in jail, there needs to be a path back from prison. The federal system of parole needs to be reinstated. We need real education and real skills training for the incarcerated. 

We must end the over incarceration of non-violent young Americans who do not pose a serious threat to our society. It is an international embarrassment that we have more people locked up in jail than any other country on earth – more than even the Communist totalitarian state of China. That has got to end. 

The war on drugs has been a failure and has ruined the lives of too many people. African-Americans comprise 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those arrested for drug offenses. From 1980 to 2007, about one in three adults arrested for drugs was African-American. 

It is an obscenity that we stigmatize so many young Americans with a criminal record for smoking marijuana, but not one major Wall Street executive has been prosecuted for causing the near collapse of our entire economy. This must change. 

We need to end prisons for profit, which result in an over-incentive to arrest, jail and detain, in order to keep prison beds full. We need to invest in drug courts and medical and mental health interventions for people with substance abuse problems, so that they do not end up in prison, they end up in treatment. 

But we have to go beyond just violence perpetuated by the state. As we saw so horribly in South Carolina, there are still those who seek to terrorize the African American community with violence and intimidation. We need to make sure the federal resources are there to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups. We need a new social movement to let all the racist haters out there know that they will no longer be accepted in a civilized society. 

In addition to the physical violence faced by too many in our country we need look at the lives of black children and address a few other difficult facts. Black children, who make up just 18 percent of preschoolers, account for 48 percent of all out-of-school suspensions before kindergarten. We are failing our black children before kindergarten! Black students were expelled at three times the rate of white students. Black girls were suspended at higher rates than all other girls and most boys. According to the Department of Education, African American students are more likely to suffer harsh punishments – suspensions and arrests – at school. 

We need to take a hard look at education system. Black students attended schools with higher concentrations of first-year teachers, compared with white students. Black students were more than three times as likely to attend schools where fewer than 60 percent of teachers meet all state certification and licensure requirements. 

We must get into our schools and keep kids in school. We must ensure that children graduate from high school and don’t drop out. This is a complicated problem and I’m not going to stand here and say I have all the answers. 

But one thing that will help kids stay in school is if they have a belief that they will be able to get a college education. For too many families college seems like an impossibility. We have got to change that. We need to give our children, regardless of their race or their income, a fair shot at attending college. That’s why I support making all public universities tuition free. 

Communities of color also face the violence of economic deprivation. Let’s be frank: neighborhoods like those in west Baltimore, where Freddie Gray resided, suffer the most. However, the problem of economic immobility isn’t just a problem for young men like Freddie Gray. It has become a problem for millions of Americans who, despite hard-work and the will to get ahead, can spend their entire lives struggling to survive on the economic treadmill. 

We live at a time when most Americans don’t have $10,000 in savings, and millions of working adults have no idea how they will ever retire in dignity. God forbid, they are confronted with an unforeseen car accident, a medical emergency, or the loss of a job. It would literally send their lives into an economic tailspin. And the problems are even more serious when we consider race.

Much more at link: Sanders remarks at SCLC

Thank you, Senator Sanders for this!

July 25, 2015

Was Sandra Bland targeted because she was an outspoken advocate for Black Lives Matter?

There is no doubt that small towns across the country are known for bullshit stops by cops. People of color, especially black people, are the largest segment to be targeted.  In the South, people from the North are targeted.  If you are black, from the North, driving in a small southern town, the likelihood of your being pulled over for nothing or a small infraction, is great.

I lived in a small town in Kentucky for three years.  My uncle, who grew up there but had lived in Chicago for his adult life, moved back to this small town.  He was on the Cook County Sheriff's Department for years and joined the small town police department upon his return to the south.  In his first week back in Kentucky, on the force, he was asked to join the local KKK by fellow officers.  He refused. But know that there is still a huge portion of the population that is racist, bigoted and uniformed.  Even watching local news and reading local papers in some areas would leave you the impression that every single bad thing in the country is due to northerners, black people, liberals and the mafia. Can't ever forget those Italian Catholics or Jews.

Sandra Bland was a Black Lives Matter activist that had her own YouTube channel, Sandy Speaks. She was very vocal about the murders of black men and women, as well as other people of color, by racist cops. She was very outspoken about white people trying to corrupt the #BlackLivesMatter mantra with #AllLivesMatter. (On a personal note, that has to be the ugliest thing I have seen in years)

I have to wonder if Ms. Bland being pulled over, and eventually beaten by the trooper, was a setup. Please take note of the first exchange with the trooper.  I have been pulled over a few times in my life.  Not once was I asked, "what's wrong" when I was pulled over.  When he comes back to the car he almost immediately asks again and adds "you seem very irritated." We can't see what Ms. Bland may be doing but she sure didn't say anything. 

This is the second stop we see on the dashcam video within a couple of minutes.  It is also the second out of town person pulled over.

I am positive that the YouTube channel, Sandy Speaks, was discovered at some point.  I don't know if it was prior to her being stopped, during the stop or while she was incarcerated, but there is no doubt in my mind that she was in a cell by herself and died because of it.

Raw video of dashcam

Sandy Speaks Channel

Sandy Speaks about Black Lives Matter

Sandy Speaks on her mission

Democracy Now "Outrage Grows After Mysterious Death of #BlackLivesMatter Activist Sandra Bland in Texas Jail"

July 25, 2015

One person can make a difference. I'm missing Jackpine Radical very much right now.

A voice of reason. I can't help but think things would be better if he were still with us

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