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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
October 1, 2014

post your favorite protest song

ah, c’mon on all you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs your help again
he’s got himself in a terrible jam
way down yonder in Kurdistan
so put down your books and pick up a gun
we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun

and it’s 1, 2, 3, what’re we fighting for?
don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn
next stop is Kurdistan
and it’s 5, 6, 7, open up the pearly gates
well there ain’t no time to wonder why
whoopee! we’re all gonna die

well c’mon generals, let’s move fast
your big chance has come at last
gotta go out get those that behead
the only good Muslim is one who’s dead
and you know that peace can only be won
when we’ve blown ‘em all to kingdom come


well c’mon on Wall Street
don’t be slow
why this is war a-go-go
there’s plenty good money to be made
by supplin’ the Army with the tools of the trade
just hope and pray that if we drop the bomb
they drop it on-the Muslims

well c’mon mothers throughout this land
pack your boys off to Kurdistan
c’mon pops, don’t hesitate
send ‘em off before it’s too late
be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box

and it’s 1, 2, 3, what’re we fighting for?
don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn.

Country Joe & the Fish -- Vietnam song:

October 1, 2014

Phil Ochs What are you fighting for?

Just switch up a few of the pictures. Same shit, different day.

Or, to quote Janis, "it's all the same fucking day man!"

Phil Ochs: What are you fighting for?:

September 28, 2014

"I know the one thing we did right, was the day we started to fight! Keep your eyes on the prize!"

If you have never seen the documentary, "Eye On The Prize" you should. It is a 6 part series about the civil rights movement in the US. It is powerful, heartbreaking, heartwarming and accurate.

What is so very sad, besides the obvious, is how so much is still true today. In watching we see how far backward we have gone after making some strides forward.

Our country is pushing us all into a type of slavery. They are starting with the same groups they pushed down before. People of color, women and the poor.

This is episode 1


September 27, 2014

Is revolution the only way we can elicit change?

After many discussions, a couple of polls and reading many responses to posts, it seems that the majority believe that to cause any real change we first have to remove money from politics and change personhood to mean only actual people.

However, it also seems that the majority of people believe that these two things cannot be changed while we live in the corpocracy / oligarchy we currently have.

That leads me to the question, is revolution the only way to cause change?

To clarify, I don't mean blood running in the streets. I mean, as Scuba said, "an awaking of the people and a political revolution"

September 25, 2014

"Hello my name is Gaytard" Name tag teen forced to wear at Taco John's

After just a few weeks at Taco John's, this teen was given the name tag by the night manager and forced to wear it throughout his shift. Since the kid wanted to keep his job, he put up with the humiliation for the night. All the while the night manager calling him that ugly name loudly, in front of customers.

Though corporate Taco John's states they do not condone such discriminatory practices, they also stated, it's not their problem.

This teen had the courage to walk in the next day and quit. He also refused to give them back the name tag.

The store is claiming that the teen made the name tag himself and thought it was funny. Yeah, most teens want to make fools of themselves and belittle their identity publicly.

Please visit the ACLU site and sign the petition. Then spread it around. It is past time to end discrimination.


Direct link to petition. 31K signatures, 40K needed


story back in June:


ACLU Post about filing with SD EEOC


September 24, 2014

"Hello my name is Gaytard" name tag given to Taco John's employee via ACLU

Tyler was given a name tag by his manager that said, "Hello My Name Is Gaytard" He was then made to wear it all evening while he waited on customers. Though Corporate Taco John's says they do not put up with this type of harassment, they have also said it's the franchise's problem, not theirs.

Please visit the link, sign the petition and spread it around


September 24, 2014

What about an activist app?

Maybe something like this already exists but I can't find it.

I had a poll up about what we have to address to stop our quick slide into the downfall of our country. In the thread it popped into my mind we should have an app for activists that would be something like Grinder. (Not meaning we end up doing each other ) But a way to connect, share ideas easily and quickly. To cause meet ups and promote protests, rallies, brainstorming, etc.

Eleanors38 said, "if it can replicate the legitimacy of, say, a Walter Cronkite. I believe any effort should be accompanied by regular get togethers, the in-person variety. Instead of ponderous conventions, a series of local/regional social & working events (wk. ends?), with maybe one culminating yearly event. It doesn't all have to be in one locale, but many in one day can be tied together by the net, giving real time-certain unity, and instilling anticipation for the next gathering. 

These are nuts & bolts, but something has to be done to break through the malaise."

I am a computer idiot and haven't a clue how to do this. I really think this is something that could help and get people who might normally not, to be involved.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Does this already exist?

September 22, 2014

Late Saturday I posted a poll about what people think is the most important issue to tackle

Turned out to be an interesting thread. Though most people voted for "Money out of politics" everything except "Instant Runoff Elections" had at least one vote. That choice, the "Instant Runoff Elections," was added later.

The thing I found most interesting, on a personal level, was my own cynicism by the end of the poll. Though I started out hopeful, though guarded, that there might be a common goal we can work toward to change things, I had in the back of my mind that it is already too late, at least in terms of changing anything under the current rules and system. I currently believe it is too late.

I would like to get more votes on this poll. If you have not already voted in it, please do. I would also like to know how many people do think it's too late. And, if you think that, what do you think we should do? "Start a revolution" sounds, depending on your outlook, like a good idea but how?

This may seem like an exercise in futility but SOMETHING has to be done. At least on the internet we can share our thoughts before moving forward toward a common goal. Getting information out there may be easiest on the internet but actual action has to take place.

Link for the poll:


September 21, 2014

Just curious about what people believe has to be done to fix anything

There is so much wrong at the moment. Too much. Every problem is important. Depending on who you ask, one problem is more important than any other.

I want to get a feel for what those of us that call ourselves liberals, progressives and sometimes still Democrats, believe has to be done first.

This is the first poll I have created so I am not exactly sure how it works. If you think I left something big out and are not able to add it to the poll yourself, please let me know and I will add it.

Thanks for participating

On edit: I cannot add more. Evidently 10 is the limit. I replaced 2 items no one had voted for with the first 2 suggested items, instant runoff elections and term limits for SCOTUS Justices

Second edit: since there have been no votes for the SCOTUS term limits, I have replaced it with "revolution." I do not mean taking up arms against the government. But if that should be what you think, please note it in the comments.

Jesus, this is really scary.

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