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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
August 31, 2014

Just witnessed an act of racism

It is what a friend described as "harmless" and what another stated was just because of "economics."

There's a little convenient store on the corner. Privately owned and the only place within walking distance for about a 3 block radius. The owner is not white and not African American. Everyone that works there is family.

A black man walked in, a guy I have seen in the neighborhood, and in that store, a few times. He simply asked, "do you have any matches?" To my complete surprise, the answer he was given was, "no." The gentleman politely thanked the shopkeeper and left.

When I was done grabbing my few things and went to check out, I asked for a pack of matches. Something I had been given at this store numerous times. I was given a pack of matches. I asked why I could have a pack but that man couldn't. I received a little sheepish grin as an answer. I just simply stated, "shame on you."

When relaying this story to a couple friends, I was told by one that it was harmless. The other friend stated that it was "purely economics since the guy didn't buy anything." Since I have gotten matches there when not purchasing anything, as have others, I know that is a bullshit excuse. It also was not what was stated to the gentleman asking for the matches or what I was given for the reason they supposedly had none for him.

As tiny a thing this may seem to be, it is indicative of the enormous problem we have with racism in this country. Both the excuses by others and the act itself.

My remark, "shame on you," may do absolutely nothing. But if more people spoke up when witnessing a willful act of discrimination, maybe there would be fewer.

August 27, 2014

The militarization of the police. Not Police Department. Police

The program to equip police departments across the country is not only completely insane, now we have to worry about the cops themselves taking the weapons of war.

This is insanity. How is it possible that we have come to this point? How were so many of us unaware, or blindly ignoring, the ramifications of making every police department a small army? Why did it have to take one small army in Missouri attacking its citizens for us to wake up?

What's worse, the police departments cannot or do not keep track of their new toys. Weapons are missing from at least 200 departments.

"Firearms were routinely lost or misplaced. In Arizona alone, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department lost 11 or 12 weapons."

That's great news for immigrants.

Assault rifles, hand guns, vehicles have all somehow disappeared. But what the hell's another assault rifle carried by a cop in Missouri?

We need to get a handle on the complete insanity in this country. There's no time to "wait and see how it goes." We already have that answer, thanks in no small part to Officer Darren Wilson.


August 26, 2014

Listen to the love as the "animals" are hunted down in Ferguson

At least one cop called the protesters in Ferguson "animals." Though there are always exceptions to rules, it is obvious by what has happened in Ferguson, that is the view of the majority of cops that were "keeping the peace" during the first days of protest. Unfortunately, those are the same people that rule Ferguson on a daily basis.

The team from TWIBnation recorded what happened when arriving in Ferguson. It is the most powerful recording I have heard throughout the entire time of unrest since Michael Brown was shot down and his body left out in the street for over four hours. The power of the love from the "animals" can be felt while they are being treated like bugs being sprayed by Raid. It is something that everyone should listen to.

Ferguson Dispatch: Gassed (Snippet) | #TWIBnation:

With Captain Johnson and his department replacing Jackson and his department, we saw the situation slowly become less volatile. But the use of tear gas was repeatedly justified by Captain Johnson. The use of rubber bullets continued. Both of these weapons are lethal. "Less lethal" is not ever an excuse to use them on civilians, most of whom were peaceful protesters. Some of whom were not even protesting but were peacefully on their own property.

The tear gas, thrown without regard to whom was around, is banned in war. It is a chemical weapon with known possible lasting damage. Rubber bullets kill. It is obvious by the repeated statements by Captain Johnson that he has done no research or has any idea how dangerous the use of tear gas is. I don't believe he was lying when making the statements. He just didn't take the time to learn how horrible what he was doing is. That shows a lack of caring, concern or compassion about the community he was charged with protecting.

This audio, this team of good, young, beautiful people and the people of Ferguson caught on the tape, is filled with love. It is in direct conflict with the horror they face, the war they are caught in.

I want to thank the people of TWIBnation for sharing this.
August 25, 2014

That's what it's all about

The unbelievable lack of compassion, of any sense of the reality of the situation, of the "how dare anyone question why a young life is gone" mentality, is reprehensible. Although there is no question this is a racist society and a police department wrought with racial problems, it is also the "cops can do no wrong" ideology that permeates small town America that has to end. Especially with the militarization of every PD.

I hope beyond hope that the Brown family has peace at least for today.

August 25, 2014

According to whom

Did Johnson state that was him?

That's beside the point. The FPD claimed that Wilson knew about this when he approached Brown and Johnson. That was not true. They also claimed a "strong armed robbery" when there was no robbery. There was no complaint made. There was no robbery.

August 24, 2014

Wilson Supporters - The 7 zillionth post about Ferguson

It's difficult to believe that Wilson supporters are calling foul. They state he has been tried in the press, the media is bias against him, he did what he had to do, his side of the story is not getting airplay, etc.

The problem with all their complaints is that nothing has been stated by Darren Wilson. Even the information shared by the Ferguson Police Department has been minuscule. It's hard to give someone fair air play when nothing is being said.

It's been two weeks and one day since Michael Brown was killed. The only things we know from Wilson or the FPD is:

Darren Wilson shot at least 6 bullets into Michael Brown.
Darren Wilson shot multiple times without regard to anyone in the area, putting one bullet into a house.
Darren Wilson did not call for backup
Darren Wilson did not report the shooting
The Ferguson PD found out about the shooting (or claimed not to have known) after the St Louis County PD did. The St Louis PD found out from TV.
Darren Wilson walked around, obviously unharmed, for at least an hour before he was sent off by the Ferguson PD
The Ferguson PD left Michael Brown's body lying in the road for at least four hours. They chased away his mother and uncle and others that tried to cover his bleeding body.
Darren Wilson did not file an incident report
Darren Wilson went into hiding.
A friend of Darren Wilson's had initially claimed to have witnessed the shooting and only came clean after being called out on the fact she wasn't there.
Darren Wilson, the Police Department and Wilson's supporters allowed horrible, racist, disgusting comments to remain on their gofundme page. Though they claimed they would disable comments and that they were deleting negative comments, the comments remained up for days.
Darren Wilson and his supporters, for days, allowed the lie to circulate about an "orbital fracture," using that to claim he was attacked by Michael Brown.
Darren Wilson, the Ferguson PD, for days, allowed the lie to circulate that Wilson was aware Michael Brown was just involved in a "strong armed robbery." This was used to excuse the excessive force.
Both the lie about the "orbital fracture" and the "strong armed robbery" were debunked by others doing research.
The "robbery" has still not been verified to be a "robbery." The store owner did not report the incident at all. Ever.
While having their press conference and playing "I Spartacus," Wilson supporters claim they're not being treated fairly yet offer NOTHING to justify, explain why Wilson shot Michael Brown. They even state they will not talk about the details yet claim they are being treated unfairly about the facts.
The Wilson supporters were so disrespectful of what happened, an 18 year old lost his life, his parents lost a son, that they held their rally and press conference to coincide with the one week anniversary of the shooting, almost to the minute.

It's difficult to believe that deadly force was the only choice. The Wilson camp is not helping itself with its silence. Even if you take out all eyewitness testimony and are only left with what has been shared and not shared by the Ferguson PD and Wilson, everything seems suspect.

I want the truth. The Ferguson PD and Wilson make it hard to believe truth will ever be told by anyone in an official capacity. I think the best we will ever have is the eyewitness testimony that is currently known. An 18 year old was murdered for jaywalking.

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