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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
June 1, 2014

When people realize

Their rights being infringed upon is not okay because they think they have "nothing to hide." Or that blanket surveillance is not for national security but is just national and corporate intrusion for individuals in power to gain. For greed and control.

June 1, 2014

LOVE Hammond

He is a Chicago guy too.

Would be great to read your take. I have some older links to articles if you are interested.

Sabu should be in jail and Aykroyd and Hammond should be free. And Preska should be censured.

June 1, 2014

Great idea

But it will never happen. Not in this political climate. Hell, the majority of Americans think Snowden did the right thing. Not necessarily think he's a hero like I do but that he should have done what he did. And the USA Government still wants to put him away for life.

We live in a country that allowed a judge, Preska, whose husband was a "victim" of Lulzsec, decide Jeremy Hammond's fate. A whistle blower in jail for a decade. A judge that legally had the duty to recuse herself. A judge who then called the rat that helped the FBI capture other hacktivists from Lulzsec and the only one that actually stole money, "extraordinary. " Another Lulzsec member in prison for two decades in the UK.

Have we already gone too far to turn back?

Good posting 20Score. Thanks for the information too. I didn't know about the 1778 law.

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