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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
December 1, 2014

Racist remarks

I hope I am not violating anything in the Terms of Service but I can't, in good conscious, remain silent.

I have read so many racist comments, and more than a few racist posts, here on DU that I have to ask; people please, think very seriously before you say anything about the shooting of Mike Brown, the defense of Darren Wilson, or anything else regarding the treatment by law enforcement on people of color.

I understand that some people may believe Darren Wilson and, that everyone has a right to state their beliefs. But please make sure you know the facts.

There are so many comments that I couldn't possibly cover all the different scenarios. I think the number of "name auto removed" and "hidden by jury" on these threads is an indication of how many racist comments there have been. And those hidden and auto removed comments don't begin to cover all of them.

Please keep in mind how volatile and sensitive this subject is. Please keep in mind a teenager is dead. Please keep in mind we're a liberal site. Please keep in mind how serious a subject this is and that flippant remarks can be hurtful in a way that some may never understand. I am guilty of it myself. I am much more aware of what I say now and have no intention of ever doing it again.

I will not comment on this any further. As I said, I am hoping that this post is not against TOS. I am just begging for more thought to be put into posts and replies.

Thank you


December 1, 2014

What we can do about what happened to Mike Brown

The Brown family has released a statement asking us for help. Help to get the Michael Brown bill passed. The bill would require all police officers to wear a body camera.


November 30, 2014

What Civil Rights are you willing to give up?

After reading so many posts and replies excusing certain things cops and the government do, I'm very curious about this. Just like the arguments from the time security was "beefed up" at airports and defended, (my favorite response was, "the world is safe from large breasted women) so many of the excuses are a wonder to me.

So I just have these simple questions. What civil rights are you willing to give up? Which amendment are you willing to forego? The First? Fourth?

November 30, 2014

Man stopped by cops for walking with hands in his pockets

This happened in Michigan. I'm just going to leave this here without comment because I am too angry


November 26, 2014

More racism in America

The video of the cops murdering Tamir Rice has been released. He didn't have a chance.


A white, 40 year old man runs over protesters in Minneapolis, caught on live stream and from news helicopter. He put a woman in the hospital. He was apprehended, questioned and released. No ticket. No arrest.


I feel we're lost.

November 2, 2014

One more push for poll responses

I hope to keep this going for one more day. I would like to get at least 200 responses.

Friday I posted a poll regarding police abuse of power. If you have not added your response, I would greatly appreciate your doing so.

Here's the poll:


Tomorrow, after I am done with work, I will post the numbers so that they are truer than they can be with the original poll. Obviously, the more responses the more accurate it will be.

I know that "accurate" is only within the DU community. The DU community that is fairly active too, as so many members don't really participate.

Again, your response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your consideration


November 1, 2014

Poll on police abuse of power

Hoping for more responses before I get numbers together.

If you haven't answered on the poll on the link below, please do.

I appreciate your consideration


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