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marym625's Journal
marym625's Journal
December 4, 2015

Two DUers made it on The Young Turks!

Alison Hartson, the leader of Americans Take Action California, who was also the driving force behind getting the historic resolution, AJR1 (Gatto, 2014) to pass, and I are in a group picture in a segment of TYT!

Alison has been on TYT many times. She's a powerhouse who is leading the way in California for publicly funded elections and getting corporate money out of politics. She's worked on the national stage with Wolf Pac as well.

Here's a little bit of what's she's accomplished:


Now, on to the current important stuff, getting corporate money out of, and publicly funded elections in, California. The California Fair Reform for Equality in Elections, aka, California FREE Act is the way to do it and you can help.

It won't take more than a couple minutes to take this small step for democracy. Here's how:

Go to SaveDemocracy.org
Print the petition.
Sign the petition.
Mail it to the address on the instructions.

Done. You just helped save democracy.

If you are in California, please do the above. If you don't live in California but know someone that does, please tell them how easily they can help save democracy.

And here's Cenk talking about it. Alison is the one in both group pictures, on the far left in the second group and second to the left in the first group. I'm the "blonde" on the far right in the first group.

It may not be the cover of the Rolling Stone but I'm thrilled!

December 2, 2015

Get on screen Producer credit on Greg Palast's new movie!

And an autographed copy of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive something like this

But I'm not sharing. He's my quintessential man.

Greg Palast tweet

This is a 501(c)(3) corporation so it's tax deductible. All the money goes to Greg and his team for more investigations.

It is Greg Palast that brought us GOP-led Purge Threat to 3.5 Million Voters - Jim Crow Returns, From White Sheets to Spreadsheets, Vultures and Vote Rustlers, Bush Family Fortunes and so much more. He's the reason we know what happened in the 2000 Presidential election, and it wasn't Nader. Just imagine what he will do with your donation. Besides eat

Everything can be found on his website Greg Palast Investigates

If I had the money, I would gladly give it. We owe so much to him. One of the most recent investigation, the voter purging and cross check purge, is just the one in so many investigations that prove how the right wing nut jobs and the oligarchs are controlling the country.

November 30, 2015

Just putting this out there

If Bernie supporters stayed out of threads that are meant to incite, more Bernie supporters would be available for juries.

If Bernie supporters ignored posts meant to incite, then the posts would drop like stones.

Most importantly, I think we're just allowing ourselves to be drawn into drama and then our real message is lost. That being, of the two main candidates, (sorry Martin O'Malley, I do love) Bernie Sanders is the only one that will actually fight for the 99%. His record proves it. Just like Clinton's record proves she a war mongering, corporatist that cares more about money than anything else.

I know I'm guilty of it myself. I'm not calling anyone out here. I will, however, quote my beloved, wise, grandmother again, "The more that'll be said about it, the more there'll be said about it."

So, please, I beseech you, stick to facts, ignore the drama, and let's get Bernie Sanders elected President of the United States of America.

November 30, 2015

Prison Industrial Complex

Another reason we need money OUT of elections.

ALEC - just hearing the name makes me angry

November 29, 2015

I was 14. I was raped. I became pregnant. I had an abortion.

And I never looked back.



November 29, 2015

The Bernie Sanders Train


#FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

November 26, 2015

Bernie Sanders: In-Depth Explanation of Income Inequality

#FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

November 25, 2015


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