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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Boston Herald? Cartoonist shows Obama brushing his teeth with watermelon flavored


And then goes on and tries to apologize by stating..His heart had not an inkling of racism in it when he drew the illustration... In so many words..

Are you fucking kidding me..”Watermelon flavored toothpaste”?

Slimy Bastard..


Oscar Ramino Ortega claims he fired several shots

at the White House back in 2011, because he felt the world was coming to an end and he felt by firing shots at the W.H. would be a warning.. Bullshit to this.

First he did not know that the President and his Wife were not at home that day and how did he know that his bullets would not have struck Obama or someone else.. Reports have it that Sasha was home..

Secondly, why have most of us not even heard about this event..

But most importantly...How come we have not heard in detail why Ortega actually dis this?
Was it because of the non stop hate spewing out of the mouths of Religious Extremists or in essence was it right wing hate radio combined with Fox Lunacy which drove him to fire these shots.

In any event, this story certainly drew little attention and for obvious reasons that fact needs to be addressed.


Our President certainly is very well spoken....

And has a very good grasp of whats going on in the Middle East.

But he just plain lousy at pin pointing the blame of why this is all happening..

The Invasion of Iraq by George W Bush fueled by lies and treachery of his neocon friends...But

He voted against the war... So it can’t be that..

Someone tell me why the hell he isn’t on the Talk Shows Today reiterating all which I have mentioned, so that our electorate understands exactly why all the chaos is occurring

We have an vital election coming up and some well thought out attacks on the Republicans and their neocon allies might provide for a little more impetus to get some voters out..

People are frightened of the Middle East Terror events (mostly unnecessarily) so I think this is an excellent way to get some momentum going..

Come on President Obama!!!

Breaking: 49-43 Yale beats Army today.

No doubt that tonight Fox will blame Obama because he
constantly compromises and weakens our armed forces.. .

You Find This Surprising?

The continuos round the clock coverage of Sarah Palin’s insanity?

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves...

That almost 60 million Republican Voters thought she should be elected to the Vice Presidency..

More importantly?.. She should be only a heartbeat away from being President of the United States!!

So why are we pissed.. It is good for the Country to be reminded of what Republicans
stand for..

Everyone who clicks on to this should send it

to as many friends and relatives as possible especially if they live in Red States.
An expository piece like this could be a turning point in our country’s fight for push back on these
selfish, self righteous, money grubbing oligarchs..

This self seeking family, has absolutely no concern for anyone except those who can help them in their quest to squash those who get in their way of destroying our planet for their own wants and needs..

Thank You FourScour for originally posting this illuminating piece from Rolling Stone..


Well... Here we go....

First step get rid of the EPA..


Holy Crap..!!!!

Its starting....Some who represent the 1% are beginning to abandon the Koch Brother’s
Ship... Really!!!


I think if they were protecting a White President they would have been a lot

more vigilant.. I’m sorry, but thats the way I feel..Oh yea. I know that several of the agents are Black, but you know what, I’m still pissed!!

Al Sharpton’s Political Nation: FBI...No incriminating evidence..

concerning Christie and the Lane Closure Incident..

Looks like his top aids were promised something by someone if they kept their mouths shut..

Good Dogs..

I have no links...
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