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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Floridaís answer to the ACA?...Sell Pet Insurance...

Marco Rubioís Floridahealthchoices.net has been attracting so many Floridians (30 in total) that they have decided to up their numbers by selling Pet Insurance..

Have a good laugh..


This is how dumb they are...

Couple in their early 50ís living near me in Studio City, Ca.. Progressive Area, Correct?
Just received another 10% INCREASE ON THEIR PREMIUMS, FOR NEXT YEAR...Paying 600 each. $1200 a month...Now will payinG $1320 a month... Call their broker...What does he tell them..??
Its all because of Obamacare... My partner and I watched our monthly premiums rise for 10 yrs until we were paying close t0$1800 a month.. The Fucking ACA wasnít even around then.. So now all these increases according to Independent Brokers are now a result of Obamacare..

Idiots!!! Never ask a question, just follow the lemmings...

So Today I was in a fashion forward boutique in S.Cal.

I was shopping and in walked a couple close to 60 yrs. of age and started complaining to the owner about their premiums going up because of Obamacare..I wonder how many independent insurance brokers are using Obamacare as the reason why their clientís rates are going up... For the past 5 years my girl friend and I (55,58,) experienced at least 15-20% increases from Anthem Blue Cross..When questioning the broker back then about these huge increases they simply had few answers..ĒJust the cost of Insurance when you reach the age bracket you're inĒ..

Well today they have an answer and itís Obamacare... Just wonder..How many thousands of lies are retold every day concerning the ACA by independent insurance brokers..Its understandable of course, they are in fear of finances as well as everyone else, but it is such a shame that for the first time in our nations history the country has taken a small step towards Universal Healthcare and how desperately the industry is pushing back..

Incidentally, I was so pissed off at this couple ( My girlfriend was able to get on the expanded medicaid program in Cali, which saved her close to 500 a month) that I almost intervened, but I was so pissed, I thought better of it.. Iím not good at defending the Pres. when Iím pissed off..

Prick Owner of Cubs cuts ground-crew staff in order to keep them under 30 hrs..

Yea, another right wing millionaire zealot hurting people because he wants to prove a point concerning Obamacare...And it fucking back fired, big time..

And the shit the Cub Spokesman threw out, stated it had nothing to do with the ACA, just trying to gain more productivity, you know ďreevaluatingĒ...

Should be noted, one of the most profitable teams in baseball!!


Iím in L.A. and there is a Sharia Law problem...Many are Boycotting

The swanky Beverly Hills Hotel which is owned by The Brunei Investment Agency..Yep. thats right by a Country which supports Sharia Law...

So Sharia Laws have now officially reared itís ugly head in Los Angeles..and Iím glad to say being met with tons of push back social and political groups, causing all sorts of economic stress on the establishment. My good friend works there and says there has been almost no work for months..
Which is not good.. But...

My question is??? Where The Fuck is Michelle Bachman, Steve King, Louie (the goat) Ghomert, and all the masses of Right Wing nuts, who claim Obama is bringing Sharia Law to America?

Not even a word out of Ted Nugentís disgusting mouth nor Fox News hasnít even sent Steve Doofus out there.. When Good Old American Corporate Interests' think its o.k., I guess Sharia Law becomes very acceptable..

So Iím a scumbag!!! And ignoring the facts that liberalís should not

engage in this type of behavior.... But does this guy look like the typical fucked up Racist idiot that
has fucked with our country for the last 35 yrs... Cops use to be good guys!! They were us, helping all of us to feel safe.. Now they think we should be obeying everything they command without hesitation, because they are protecting us from from murdering Jihadist... Fuck it!!!


Why can't people just canít get this?

The reason why our right wing relatives or workplace associates believe in all the lies which Fox spews out on a hourly basis..is due to the absolute fact that they want to believe in these lies...

Facts, Graphs and other visuals showing Obamaís positive impact on our economy are all lies in their minds and nothing is going to change their perception..

The article below, reports a story concerning a man advertising for a dog

to have sex with..The interesting part is that heís a C.E.O. of a Baptist Center..Of course the article does not mention this, but Raw Story sure the hell did.

My God, it just never fucking ends..


Now heres the full story..


You can be sure if he gives a tearful apology and states that OBama the devil made him do it heíll get a standing ovation..What a sick fucking country we live in..

My President has got to start blowing things up..

He needs to be ponding out the message concerning what will happen if our base stays home in November..This should be pounded on at the end of every speech from now to election day..

Impeachment efforts, probable loss of ACA, Deportation bills effecting millions, changes in laws which will effect the LGBT community, Deregulation Bills effecting environment, putting financial institutions into the same situation they were in pre- 2007..

I mean the list is freaking enormous and scary..and President Obama must be all over this horrible potential disaster at every single stop he makes..until its over...Shit this is scary stuff.

Well scare the shit out of us Mr. President!!!

Well, Rand Paul certainly wonít want to talk about this incident..

Canít wait to here his excuse when confronted about it.. He is a bullshit lier, plagiarizer and just an overall simpleton hiding behind his all so ďcool" progressive political agenda surrounding Pot, War and Criminal sentencing....Basically a stateís rights racist..who wants the fed to have no impact on our lives...

From Raw Story:Watch Rand Paul almost choke on his food trying to avoid an immigration activist.

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