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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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SCOTUS ruling? Its gonna piss off millions of women....

And Thomas has made sure he will remain safe when he walks the streets at night..

Kyrstol gets his ass battered by Katrina Vanden Hueval and Mathew Dowd..

Sweet Jesus It has finally happened.. Best clip I can remember in 14 yrs where a Neo-con gets properly dissected and slaughtered. Congrats.. Katrina, you were great.. Especially when you suggested to Billy that he go enlist in the Iraqi Army...


Nancy Grace..You are simply piece of shit lier.

Yesterday when you announced live on air, interviewing the father of the 12 yr old boy who was missing and found in his own basement..without knowing the facts, you proceeded to grill him like he was responsible or like he had to have had something to do with the event..

Today you’re telling everyone how excited you were about releasing the news and wanted to take in everything positive about the story while interviewing him.. Didn’t seem that way to me..

Look at her awful ugly expression when she began the interrogation of this poor soul..You just gotta feel that Nancy was more concerned about exposing this father as a lier rather than taking the story step by step in a reasonable, concerned manner.


Pro Gunner Advocates are gonna have a hard time with this!!!

Mental illness can be hidden very successfully..This kid had good parents and a good life and yet he was on an immediate path to a plot to “kill as many as possible” Mental Health Experts certainly couldn’t have prevented this potential tragedy.. The latest claims by NRA after mass killings is that our Mental Health Services are the blame... Accessibility to guns or explosive is never the issue!!

From www.world news. com


Michele Wie

is about to win The U.S. Open...

She sure has had her troubles... Yet only 24.still

Most Important Story Of the Day!!!

I’m sure most of you feel the same way..


“White House Aide Lets Big Bank get Off Easy..."

Now this is a story which might truly get the White House in some real difficulties.

We all know how Right Wing Media drives all anti-Obama potential News...To a degree beyond frenzy...

Well I doubt they will be reporting on this story very much...In the near future..
But when the election cycle is in full gear. You’ll see how this story will be the driving force behind their attempt to link the W.H. to protecting Big Banks.. I wonder how many Republican Donor’s might get caught up in this..?http://www.newsweek.com/2014/06/27/how-credit-suisse-got-easy-255453.html

Every other day it seems that we are reading that Cops are being

targeted by “Sovereign Citizen Assholes”....

Hopefully Police will begin to learn who really represents a danger to their lives as well as their loved ones... And it ain’t Occupy Wall Street types...

Please law Officers wake the fuck up and stop supporting Right Wing Assholes who will eventually come for you as well...http://www.politicususa.com/2014/06/18/cliven-bundy-supporter-shot-blm-ranger-california-campground-identified.html

Dave Brat’s “Huge” win was not based on his message..

of “locking up Wall Street Crooks and Banksters. Most of the electorate who voted for Brat think most of the crooks on Wall Street and who run banks are Jews.. This is why they applauded his comments on these issues... Let me clue you in...Most of Brat’s base are the worst kind of racist, homophobic, xenophobic’s there are.

They have no clue that the economic melt down had anything to do with elected Republican’s and their drive to deregulate everything including the Derivative market which essentially destroyed our economy....

So those who feel that Dave Brat’s constituents are concerned with economic fairness and that if a Dem. Candidate runs on these issues in Red/Blue states he/she will fair better.. I say Bullshit!!!..

Dave Brat’s base and other Tea Bagger Candidates will rally their base on their premise that our President is a Muslim Dictator and and that our banks are run by European Jews..

These people are so freaking hateful and stupid, we can only hope that their numbers will quickly die off....You know what I mean!!

Don’t get so excited about Brat’s populists statements concerning the Jailing of

WallStreet Crooks, Bankers, etc..Most of the idiots who got him elected think that these Corporate Cheats and Swindlers are all Jews. Admit it.. the people who voted for Brat are the worst kind of Racists, homophobic, xenophobes there are...

If you asked 95% of these people exactly what these thugs did, and why it happened they’d have no freaking idea.. If you told them it was because these crooks took advantage of Deregulation economic policies put into law by Conservative elected politicians.. They wouldn’t have a fucking clue of what you were talking about..

Yea I’m a Jew!!!
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