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It’s too late for the the Republicans....They are fucked!!

The racist train is about to fall off the tracks...For 6 yrs. they have been able to gather political support (winning elections) by using race as an issue to win political support. The hatred is so intense in parts of the country (South and Midwest) that millions of Obama Haters have voted against their own interests...Minimum Wage, ACA, Unemployment extension, Infrastructure development in their own states..etc..etc.. It has gone so far beyond the realm of insanity that these people prefer Putin over Obama...

Here’s the problem for these guys... This racist bullshit political agenda has become so entrenched in Republican Doctrine that the party has no chance of of pivoting away from the this insanity.. Even though Obama is not running again. And that in short is why they are permanently screwed.

Now!!!! I have just paraphrased my post from this terrific piece I found on the Daily Kos this a.m.
It really rang some bells in my head and thought I could draw some interest towards it.. It is much more complete and detailed and wonderfully put together..

From Daily Kos:BY JCW Politics.. Why Joe Scarborough is a SHITHEAD....

"I must say, I have been behind closed doors with thousands of conservatives through the years. I have never once heard one of them say in the deep south or in the northeast or in South Boston, 'Boy, I really hate Obamacare because that black president' -- no, I've never heard anybody come close to saying that,"

Scarborough said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "And I have spoken to some wildly right wing groups. I have never heard it once." This is how Joe Scarborough addressed the Senator Jay (obviously not Nelson Thanks for the heads up) Rockefeller (D- WV) slam of Ron Johnson (R-WI) from last week. I could go on for about three thousand words on why Joe is full of shit but it is a holiday weekend and I will spare everyone the full Monty.

Question: Which issues HAVE you heard right wing groups say they were pursuing because of race Joe?

The reason I ask that question to start with is that we have two very simple, easy to understand, clear examples of the GOP racializing the President. Simple things that everyone agrees are about race. Birtherism, and Voter ID. But, and this is why I want someone to either be on Morning Joe with some sense, or other journos to step in here and ask Scarborough the obvious question. "Have you heard Rs talk about race and Birtherism, Impeachment, Muslimism (where the GOP refuses to believe Obama is a Christian even while concomitantly attacking him for Rev. Wright), if Joe has knowledge of right wing groups attacking and making policy decisions based on Race, he has an obligation to share those with us. Until he is willing to, definitively say he has never heard a right wing group talk about race and policy on any issue, or clarifying which issues on which they do talk about Race, pardon me if I call bullshit on his white guy vouch for GOP extremists.

Jay Rockefeller is completely right and Joe knows it. The reason he and other Rs are scrambling is that the wheels are coming off the race hating train. President Obama isn't up for re-election, and the GOP defending its insane and inane policy decisions by saying, "Obama is black," no longer works as well, except in the deepest of deep red pockets in the country.

What is happening is you have people like Mitch McConnell having to respond, on the week he won the nomination in KY, to Allyson Grimes' attacks about ObamaCare. This week Mitch said that his repeal plan for ObamaCare wouldn't strip the 400,000 Kentucky residents who have Kynect, the KY version of OCare, of their health coverage.

The point is that ObamaCare is working. ObamaCare is a conservative remedy. ObamaCare has metrics, positive results, and is a complete win. In politics, when one side is going to win on an issue the minority or opposition, jumps in and tries to claim some of the win. Look at the Stimulus Bill from 2009. GOP voted against it in the House. I think there was one R congressman who voted yes. Nevertheless, all Rs claimed credit for the bill. They went to their districts, stood at ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings, went to hiring halls, and took credit. Why? Because the bill was working and was clearly going to work. Oh, there was politics involved; the GOP claimed the bill itself was a failure. Look at the Auto Bailout as another example. Mitt Romney was against it, when it worked he was for it.

Why is ObamaCare the only legislation in modern history that even when it is working the GOP is 100% against it? There is no political reason for this. The bill is going to be wildly popular. Everyone knows it. Everyone who works in politics has known the bill was going to be popular if it went into effect for 5 years. So, why in the name of all that is holy, has the GOP refused to do the political thing and pivot on ObamaCare?

Because it isn't politics. At least not in the traditional sense. It isn't logic either. It certainly isn't principle. Look at Mitch McConnell's statement this week. He won't take Kynect from anyone in KY. Therefore, it isn't a principled objection to the health coverage. If it isn't Principle, Politics, or Logic. What is this opposition to ObamaCare?

There is only one thing left. There is only one thing that prevents the GOP from behaving like a political party. It stopped infrastructure investment, Unemployment Insurance extensions, Payroll Tax Holiday, and a dozen other remedial measures to help the economy. It has members of congress praising Putin over Obama, Backing Bibi over Obama, doing anything that any foreign leader wants as long as it undermines the President. One thing… Race. Simple. Easy to understand. Moreover, Joe Scarborough knows it.

Voter ID is about stopping black people from voting. Everyone knows it whether Republicans come right out and say it or not. Shockingly some of them actually have. Birtherism is about Othering the President, it is about Race, whether Republicans come right out and say it or not. ObamaCare's opposition is about Race, whether the Republicans come out and saying or not. And we all fing know it. Shame on Joe for thinking we're too stupid to see it.


J. Chr

Mark Cuban apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s family...

Raw Story: Katherine Peterson...Below comment

It’s been stated that it is almost impossible to be a White Person in this country and not be bigoted.

This is because local MSM reports on practically every local crime to the 10th degree .. In turn this has driven fear in this country to incredible heights.. Gun Manufactures have made tremendous profits off this issue as well who in turn support politicians who stoke these unrealistic fears..

Mark Cuban is only being honest to what the majority of White People feel about stereotyping certain
aspects of black culture.. But do I feel he delivered his message in well thought out manner?


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban apologized to Trayvon Martin's family on Thursday for a comment he made about a "black kid in a hoodie" in remarks about prejudice.

Cuban was interviewed Wednesday at a conference in Nashville, Tenn. and explained that like embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, he too can have bigoted thoughts.

"I know I'm prejudiced and I know I'm bigoted in a lot of different ways. If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I'll move to the other side of the street," he said. "If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos, I'll move back to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts; we all live in glass houses."

The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted Thursday that he "should have used different examples" and offered his apology to the Martin family for the hoodie comment. Beyond that apology, Cuban tweeted that he stood by his remarks.

Martin was the black Florida teenager who was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in 2012. The hoodie Martin wore the night he was killed later became a symbol for those who demanded Zimmerman be brought to justice.

Republicans pouncing on another bullshit conspiracy theory..

blaming the whole VA disaster squarely on Obama’s Shoulders..

We need to stop theses lying pricks right the hell now...

Please start spreading this information as quickly as possible...
Thom Hartmann sums up the scandal beautifully::

The Mitch McConnell VA Scandal
Submitted by Thom Hartmann A... on 14. May 2014 - 12:15
Live Blog Thom's Blog
The Republican Chaos Strategy is working like a charm, and now the GOP is trying to make everyone forget who the real villains are when it comes to denying benefits to our veterans. And the real villains, despite what you might hear over at Fox So-Called news, are all the Republican lawmakers who have repeatedly blocked bills that would have helped out American veterans and given more resources to the VA.

The reason I bring this up is that over the past few weeks, we’ve learned some disturbing things about the goings on at one Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. According to a number of reports, the hospital’s administrators covered up information about long wait times at the facility, wait times that spanned - and maybe even hastened - the deaths of 40 veterans.

The allegations, if true, are shocking, and have led many lawmakers in Washington to call for deeper investigations into the VA as well as the resignation of its Secretary, Eric Shinseki, who is scheduled to testify about the controversy on Capitol Hill tomorrow. Republican Texas Senator Jon Cornyn has led the charge in trying to get Shinseki to resign, saying that he thinks it’s time “for new leadership at the VA.”

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, while not explicitly calling for Shinseki to quit, has said that “a change in leadership [at the VA] might be a good step in the right direction.” Public outrage about what allegedly went on at the Phoenix VA hospital is understandable and justified, but what we’re seeing from Republicans like Cornyn - McConnell - and Fleming is just cynical manipulation of public opinion.

Republicans don’t really care about veterans or the VA, they just care about using this controversy to discredit the President and his Democratic Party - there is an election coming up, after all - and as a twofer, discredit the idea of government-run healthcare programs like the VA. John McCain has even called for the VA to be privatized. The hypocrisy here is astounding.

Remember, it was just a little under three months ago that Senate Republicans under the leadership of Mitch McConnell filibustered a bill that would have boosted VA funding by $21 billion, expanded benefits, and repealed a provision of the Murray-Ryan budget deal that slashed military pensions.

And it wasn’t like this anti-veteran Republican filibuster was some radical break from the past either. Time and time again during the Obama presidency Republicans have either blocked or opposed bills that would have helped out the veterans they’re now claiming to care so much about.

Back in 2012, for example, GOP senators blocked a $1 billion jobs bill would have helped millions of unemployed veterans find work. And in that same year, Republican opposition also blocked a bill - the so-called Veterans’ Compensation Cost of Living Adjustment Act - that would have kept veterans’ benefits on par with rising expenses.

The list goes on. Before that, GOP lawmakers killed the Wounded Veteran Job Security Act, the Veterans Retraining Act of 2009, the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization Act of 2009, the Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009, the Veterans Business Center Act of 2009, and the Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act of 2009.

Every single one of these these bills would have helped veterans and every single one was killed exclusively by Republican opposition. So don't be surprised if I take the GOP’s newfound obsession with veterans’ issues with a big grain of salt. But Republican hypocrisy when it comes to the VA is only part of the story. What we’re really seeing here with the calls for Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki to resign and the bashing of the VA as a whole is one of the best recent examples of what I call the “Republican Chaos Strategy.”

Republicans know that the while most people know that Barack Obama is president and that he is a Democrat - the vast majority of Americans - 60 to 75 percent by some estimates - don’t know which party is in charge of the House of Representatives or who controls the Senate, or either.

And, so, when something like the Phoenix VA hospital controversy comes along, Republicans know that they both can use it to trash the administration and, at the same time, confuse the American people about who’s really responsible for the problems plaguing the VA and our country.

"Oh," they say, "so you're an unemployed veteran who can’t get a job and whose food stamps have been cut? It must be the fault of the Obama administration, you know, the guys who let all those vets die out in Arizona." When, in fact, it was entirely because of Republican obstruction. It would be one thing if we had a media that called Republicans out for their shameless manipulation of tragedy, but we don’t. Instead, we have a media that is so obsessed with pumping out infotainment to keep production costs low and ratings high, that it’s willing to go along with the GOP’s Chaos Strategy talking points even when they're flat-out lies - as they almost all are. After all, what’s better for ratings than a good old-fashioned scandal, even if there's really no "there" there?

If the allegations against the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Medical Center are true, then we should talk about how to improve our veterans’ medical facilities. But that conversation won't happen as long Republicans stick to their Chaos Strategy. Instead, we'll get a media circus like we're having right now.

A media circus that's more focused on creating tabloid personalities and scoring cheap political points than it is on telling the truth that Democrats have been really trying to help out veterans. And it never gets around to pointing out the reality that Republicans, for six years, have been relentlessly working to hurt veterans and then blame it on the Obama administration.

- See more at: http://www.thomhartmann.com/blog/2014/05/mitch-mcconnell-va-scandal#sthash.vXOxWzqK.dpuf

The Frontline documentary on the NSA just finished up..

I feel Snowden made a brave decision to bring this incredibly important story into the limelight..

If one feels that protecting all our constitutional rights to privacy might jeopardize the security of our nation....and is good with this..then he/she should not complain about these infringements..

If one feels that there should be absolutely no infringements on our constitutional rights... then that person must be prepared not to change his mind if there is another national emergency such as 911..

If you guys believe that if a massive intrusion of privacy such as the one that was detailed in tonights program could have prevented 911, would you support this spying program perpetrated by our govt.in collusion with our private communication corporations in todays world...??

Obviously millions have died defending our concept of citizen privacy...But in this period of history it would take only one suit case and a couple of suicidal nuts to reek incredible damage on our country. Completely different circumstance than even 75 years ago...

I’m torn between the two suppositions...

Have you seen this bullshit?

There is something fundamentally wrong with our values when something like this is considered “Free Speech”...doesn’t the fact that these ads incites hate count for something??

I’m a Jew and so many times have been embarrassed by those of my faith...
Just unbelievable...


Huge Question concerning the attempt by millions of patriots to overthrow our govt. today..

Has Fox News covered this tremendous news event at all.

Just got home from work...Need to know..

Have you noticed how mainstream media always frames the problems ..

of our country into the “inability of congress to get anything done” bullshit?

In other words just mix the democrats into the congressional bowl as well.. After all democrats are a part of our congress..

But I must ask..

Was it a Democratically controlled congress that decided to deregulate derivatives?
Was it a..Democratically controlled congress which passed an unfunded Tax Cut?
Was it a..Democratically controlled congress which passed an unfunded Prescription Drug Bill?
Was it a Democratically controlled congress which lead us into two unfunded wars, one illegally?
Was it a Democratically controlled congress which consistently pushed for deregulation of the
Banking Industry.. And Yea I remember Clinton’s part in this one...but it was the republi-
cans lead by Phil Gramm who lead the charge.. Clinton needs to take responsibility for
that one .

And yet the MSM fucking media seems always to lump the two parties together when ever discussing these subjects.. Its easier for them this way, instead of actually trying to pinpoint facts.

My point? That this is the reason why currently there is such little enthusiasm for GOTV in the upcoming election... The successful conflation of Dems. and Republicans by the media..

So it looks like Big Money is shifting from Christie to Jeb Bush..

My question is: Wont Jeb have to come out and publicly state his position on the Iraq War, Torture, Extradition, etc? Will this be an almost impossible task for him.. Cause essentially he will have to tread all over his brother’s legacy..

Am I wrong, cause this guy scares me a little.. His expression of an “act of love” to describe illegal immigration will be quickly forgotten if he makes it past the primaries.. And thats my hope..


So Indiana has the first case of deadly MERS in U.S... I wonder

If they are going to rely on our horrible socialized medical agencies for assistance...
You know the ones that set up Death Panels for Grandma..

Perhaps this tragic event will make people living in such Red States to perhaps think twice about their governors and legislatures who are not accepting Medicare Expansion from the ACA..


Some say if the real truth about Benghazi came out before the 2012 election....

Romney would have won.. ( Republican talking points of course)

Except, didn’t Bush win his second term after so many lies were uncovered about his war that killed over 4000 american soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocent civilians..???

Lets see... Solyndra, Fast and Furious, API Leak, Benghazi IRA, This is the list guys..
And they’ve got absolutely shit to show for it all.. Fucking nothing...
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