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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Guys...Huge Fire east of L.A. fueled by 60 mile an hr. winds... Uncontrollable!!

Source: Television coverage..

Uncontrollable Fire raging near L.A.

Read more: http://www.google.com/#q=etiwanda+fire&tbm=nws

Rancho Cucamonga, 25 miles from Los angeles going west.. Winds are so strong(60 miles per hr.) that fighting the fire at this point is almost impossible.At this time no water tankers are in the air..200 acres...Lots of mandatory
evacuations.. Close to 215 freeway..

This could be one of those disastrous fire events which occur about once every decade..
Lets hope not..

Update...Fire is Considered Suspicious..Early reports, not confirmed!!

I wonder how many law officials in Clark County actually support Cliven Bundy..

I would say about 80%... Now I know the number is probably slipping because these officials are beginning to understand how dangerous these idiots are.

But Imagine if Occupy Groups were hanging around the Bundy Ranch armed to the hilt, disrupting local traffic.. Jesus Christ.. everyone of them would be dead or in jai (little over stated) butl..Shame on Sheriff Gallespie for taking so little action to this point..


Bill Kristol thinks people should not get “all hysterical over two or three racists comments”...

I wonder if they were two or three anti-semetic remarks if he’d feel the same way...???

Like, you know... how, “Jews control all the banks in the country”.....


Listen to this full version of the Sterling Rants....

No words can express how out of touch he is.. My questions is this.. Is this because of the bubble he lives in? Or is it the middle stages of dementia? In any event she sounds out of touch herself.. How could she hang around this creep?... I know the money... On the other hand if she is setting him up because of the law suit.. Man what a good freaking job..

Help me out here guys..


Couple of thoughts on Korean Ferry tragedy...

What role do the owners of the ferry have... How much do they pay the crew..how much preparation and training is given to crew members and finally what kind of maintenance check was given before the ship set sail..

Seems to me that once again MSM on both sides of the ocean have a need to villainize someone or something quickly without much thought to the old saying.. “contempt before investigation"

Really??? Its come down to this?

Police over exceeding their authority with brutal acts of violence has been common play on msm lately... But exactly what the fuck is the jerk trying to accomplish by tripping kids as they harmlessly run out on the field.. What directive is he following??


Could you imagine if there was an attempt by anti-fracking groups to close a major inter state..

Their asses would have been handed to them by U.S. marshals in 2 seconds flat..
But this sure isn’t the case in Nevada..Instead there are serious negotiations under way to help out
Mr.( Freedom/Liberty/anti-govt) Bundy get out of the mess he fucking got himself into..!!


Holy Shit.. O’keefe lays one on a Republican in Wisc.

Wisc. State President stung by shit bag O’keefe is retiring...dropping out..

You know what I think about this.. They are fucking eating their own and then throwing up..


Yea, This will solve his problem..

Freaking Cheating Repub, wants to find out how the surveillance video was leaked.

Lets keep the story in the news foe another couple of months to find out who leaked it.
Thanks Congressman..


Ed Fitzgerald Gubernatorial nominee for Gov.....Check him out..

This guy is amazing.. Tough, well spoken, sharp...Talking about another voter suppression act that the dems. were able to shoot down..

But if you can watch this guy...Looks like the perfect republican...

Maybe someone could post the segment.. He is a beautiful sight... Really..

Just found another link.. Start watching at about 3:40 earlier in the month,

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