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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Incredible Good News...This has been posted by by Arcane and Garlon...Thank you so much guys.

Am I out of my mind.. Read these comments on TedĒs Facebook Page.. It absolutely blew me away.

It has been a long while since I was so upbeat about anything relating to the 2014 elections..

Iím asking you guys..Should I not be freaking screaming with some measured joy today?

HannaCares as well.. I think you were one of the first..Thanks..


If you donít think euthanasia should be an option.. Watch..This Heart braking story..

This whole bullshit about the Right To Life Crap brought to you by supposedly good religious people
can certainly cause so much pain and suffering..


Man alive.. You gotta watch this.. She is out of her goddam mind..

Jennifer Stefano....The Repubs just throw her on T.V. to scream her way through a segment on THe ACA.. It is obvious that she is full of anxiety and has little knowledge of the facts. This gal might give Bachman a challenged as being the most ridiculous woman reping the Rep. Party..


Obamacare Threat? Someone please explain....

Sorry about not posting a link the first time..

I really am having trouble understanding this article and itís implications..

Huff Post: Also sorry about linking a what seems to be an unpopular site around here..


Rumsfeld states that a trained ape could handle foreign diplomacy better than Obama..

O.K. so his racism had finally hit the air... We all understand what a fucking piece of shit this guy is..
How much death, pain and suffering he has brought into this world.. However wouldnít this be a perfect opportunity for Dem Pundits, Politicians, and anyone else that is in the public eye, to smash Rumsfeld to hell over this comment.

There is so much to say about this guy, but perhaps the thing that pisses me off most that absolutely no one in the last 6 yrs. has pinned this guy up against the wall and reminded him of his past..(.Period!!!!.)

Is there a rule among Democrats to continually let this ass-hole get a pass.. This would be the perfect opportunity to hit him with a dose of reality...Lets let it fly Goddamn it..


Matt Drudge has once again tried to humiliate the POTUs..

Enjoy this perfect response in case anyone tries to talk about Obamacare penalties..


Since the current republican strategy is such a mess, we better prepare ourselves for a storm...

of Libertarian doctrine (Bullshit) as the next huge beard for Tea Bagger, Right Wing Conservatives.

Some of the doctrine in their politicking might sound very appealing to many middle class moderately informed voters who might lean a little left.

Just let us not forget how most of these Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman supporters are hugely in favor of
interfering with women/choice issues, as well as being homophobic, xenophobic,and most of all hiding their racist views and preceding issues behind the State Rights umbrella..

Below is a quick argument against the Flat Tax concept which will probably sound rather interesting to those voters who are moderately informed especially if it reduces their tax assessments..

If yo have a work associate or a friend, who states they" hate "Obama....

How the hell can you remain friends with them under any circumstances?
When one talks about hating Obama it means..

They approve of approximately 50,000 fellow citizens dying each year because of no Insurance..

They approve of cutting safety net programs which end up putting so many people in states of perpetual distress.

They approve of sending young people abroad to fight wars witch they personally know absolutely nothing about.. And there is a huge chance that they know that no one whom they love will be involved..

The above 3 concepts are enough for me to actually hold a serious dislike for these people.
Why? Because their stupidity and complete lack of empathy for other human beings are killing other citizens who live in our country.

So the next time someone at a water cooler at work or at an informal get together states that they hate Obama.. Perhaps you should respond as though this person is partly responsible for someone who is ill and dying because of lack of Healthcare... 49,000 a year....

I have a friend, Comedian in L.A. and his political views sum up our

problems in the next election cycles... Even though he has a good heart and knows right from wrong he conflates Republican politicians with Democratic politicians...ĒThey all stinkĒ...

And this is a huge problem....Right wing News Media has a simple message.. Obama and his Liberal
supporters are letting millions of immigrants across our borders and a are giving away tons of money to lazy people, just to obtain their votes..Destroying the Constitution..

Our message is much more complex emphasizing empathy and compassion for the disadvantaged and explanations of how Corporations and Banks are taking huge advantage of our govtís deregulation policies over the past 20 years.... driving to ruins, millions of middle class Americans.

Our message complex... Their Message simple..

We must come up with better ways to simplify our message..
We also need to find better messengers...ones who donít fumble, speak clearly and concisely and donít ramble....A Symposium on how to respond and fight the Gish Gallop..


Watch Christie being Heckled.. The right way...

This is one of the few times members that I can remember that a crowd did not try to squash the hecklers (Public Union).. As well, there were few in the audience trying to shout down the Christie Hecklers and that in my opinion was huge...

In short, I hope this will be a more common occurence in the years to come.. These men and woman were tough today and I thank them for that..

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