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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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God... The Fake Jesus is back!!!

This link is self explanatory..

Why Do Jesus Movies Have to Suck:


Iíll just go ahead and say this... John McCain...

is once again war mongering.. He fucking does this every time a a segment of a foreign Country claims its Democracy is under attack, Someone today posted all the countries McCain wanted to militarily intervene in.. Puts thousands of our young men at risk..

I can not help but think that because of John McCainís dicey war record (POW experiences) that
he is putting and has put our young men and woman at risk to over compensate this nasty stuff which basically calls McCain a traitor.. True or not.. is not my point..The stories are out there and have been there quite awhile...


MSM (Washington Post) is fucking up the Ukraine story...Big Time...Surprised?

This article written by Robert Parry was posted by Eridiani yesterday..

Like most well thought out pieces on complicated issues, I had to read excerpts of it over again..

Man its scary how our country as a whole loves receiving info.from media as a whole which analyzes
everything in black or white.. It has come to the point that now 95% of the MSM does not have the ability to write and research a story without simplifying it to the point that one needs only to have a 6th grade education to understand it..




I ask all of you... Before the 2008 elections do any of you remember Republicans going after Bush...

for his fiscal policies?

It seems to me the criticism of Bush only began by Republicans when Election season began.

Watch below as Kristol and his CNN Pal both try to push the concept(lie) of Republican push back against Bush..


Thank you Bill Maher for making that slime ball...

Bill Kristol look extremely uncomfortable last night... The Fact is that the Fucking MSM has not challenged any of the slime ball neocons who drove us into the war with the obvious unanswered

Do you feel that the elimination of a dictator whom the U.S.felt was a threat to the world with nuclear weapons ( proven untrue) was worth the casualties listed below?

Again, the fact that there has been practically no mention or questions asked of these horrors by our MSM in of itself, just adds to our Countryís shame and crimes!!!


We are so lucky to have Obama at the helm...

The Ukraine situation is turning very tense. Thank God we have a sensible man as our President..
There is not a single republican out there who I would trust as much as our current POTUS to deal with such a tricky and dangerous situation..


Real Disturbing Photo..

Just unbelievable how cruel human beings in power can be..After all isnít always about Ego, Power and Wealth..???


Chris Hayes now..

Interviewing a Southern Rep..Rep who wants to repeal medicaid under Affordable Healthcare Act even though he is using it... Sketchy info I realize, but wanted it out there fast..

Amazing... Iím a tech idiot but if anyone could post this segment. Iíd appreciate it..

One of the few times youíll see a Red State Right Winger being backed into a corner successfully.

Its just too bad it couldnít have last another 10 minutes.. Chris Hayes was very respectful and was armed only with the truth..

To all my LGBT friends here and everywhere....

Always remember and never forget how horrid these people are..And if you ever see a right winger
supporting any kind of progressive ideas concerning LGBT issues, always remember that they are attached at the hip to these kind of fucking creeps.

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