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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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If you missed Frontline tonight..

Watch it soon.. Shows the rapid development of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and it is quite graphic..

It’s concerns the rapid development Of Al Qaeda left over soldiers, teaming up with the Sunni population who for several years were severely prosecuted imprisoned and tortured by the Maliki Shiite Govt..These 2 elements have now attacked Syria and currently control several Provinces in Northern Iraq. They take no prisoners and are ruthless, fearless and determined to form their own Islamic State which recognizes no borders..It’s a fucked situation which needs to be addressed.

More Importantly, It reminds all of us how stupid our invasion of Iraq was and how George W Bush and his team of Neocon bat shit crazy cronies are fully responsible for what is happening now..

Obama is almost in an impossible position trying to figure out how to help the Iraqi govt. fearful of sending arms which will probably fall into the extremists hands..It’s evident that the U.S, can not go at this alone. A mulit-national commitment is the only way this situation can be abated..

Again watch it when you can it was very well done and informative..

You know how much disdain the Texas fundies have for Obama?

Well I have the same amount of hatred for Jerry Jones...Just saying..

And hell no.... This post does not only belong in the Sports Forum..

Jones and his castle are nothing but a disgrace to this county..

I’ll tell you why 80% of Republicans vote against their own interests...

They think Jesus has their back...On every issue, including the Hereafter..

The New Freaking Deficit Numbers?

From 1.4 trillion in 2008...to 486 Billion in 2014?

Democrats running this year? You're absolutely foolish not to be touting your republican opponents with
these numbers.. Check out Below!!!

From CNN Business:


Sarah Palin? Thank you for showing a little compassion..

Meet the next Republican Hero..

Soon to be a top political figure in the GOP..


Boston Herald? Cartoonist shows Obama brushing his teeth with watermelon flavored


And then goes on and tries to apologize by stating..His heart had not an inkling of racism in it when he drew the illustration... In so many words..

Are you fucking kidding me..”Watermelon flavored toothpaste”?

Slimy Bastard..

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