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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Update on Bette from Spokane....The letter which Cathy McMorris read as part of the Republican

response to the SOTUA... Is anyone else updating this story? It seems that this is another opportunity to zero in on Republican lies on the ACA...Why are we not taking advantage of this particular fraudulent story McMorris rolled out?


The Cathy McMorris Rodger"s Story which the Republicans threw in our freaking faces last

night... Anyone else have any updates on this? Can they actually get away with this w/o someone investigating and pointing out some inconsistencies?

Is this the only piece out there?


GOPís ďPatient Centered Healthcare SystemĒ Bullshit!!

Simply means, getting the Consumer more involved in their own healthcare needs, will make them wiser in their choices...Perhaps they will avoid going to the Dr. if they were better equipped to analyze their own medical conditions...

I mean what a load of crap.
We need to expose this ďPatient Centered Healthcare SystemĒ for what it is.. An attempt to keep the Insurance, Biotech and entire Healthcare Industry free from regulation..to continue its exploitation of the middle class.

More from Daily Kos:

By Graf Zeppelini...

The theory seems to be that if you give consumers more "skin in the game," they'll make better choices about whether, when, where and how to spend their health-care dollar, and the cumulative effect thereof will be to bring costs down. Setting aside the wishful-thinking aspects of this theory, it should at least be pointed out that most consumers are not physicians, medical experts or insurance actuaries. One of the reasons why we have commercial regulation and consumer protection in the first place is that we don't expect people to become experts on everything they might think about buying. For all the braying we hear from the Right about the "nanny state," and the "government telling you what's best for you" and what-not, the fact is that sometimes we do need experts to help us make good choices and prevent us from making bad ones. But I'm not here to launch into a consumer-advocacy dissertation.

What concerns me about this "plan" is that at its core, its "essence" is to require people to take greater risks with their health. Again, the plan is to make people shoulder more of the actual costs of their own medical care, relying less on their employers and insurers to cover them. The purpose of that is to make people more aware and conscious of what their care actually costs, so they'll "be smarter consumers" and "make better choices" in the marketplace. Meaning, and I really can't think of any other meaning, we want people to think twice about seeking medical care when they get sick or injured. We want people to have to decide whether they really, really feel they really, really need treatment and whether it's really, really worth the money before they call a doctor or go to the ER.

Rand Paul just opened a whole goddamn can of worms for himself...

On a morning show this a.m. He started ranting how Bill Clinton took advantage of a 20 year old woman who was working for him.. Feels that this is an issues which should be readdressed.

Are you fucking kidding... O.K. then, lets start examining every Racist Line which was written on his fatherís newsletter beginning from its inception in 1984..

Be sure to scroll the link down to ďFacts."..

Rand Paul, Iím just drooling to begin this fight..And then we can begin to talk about his fatherís desire to control a womanís reproductive choices..

Lets make this about Bill vs Ron...You stupid piece of crap.


If your getting up, watch tape of Australian Open...

Worth it....Weird, yet the better player won today...

I hope Christie hangs in there..

Because of all his woes, Christieís only hope is to take on the persona of a Tea Bagger..

His anger and self hatred (my opinion) will manifest itself as Tea Baggerís hate Rhetoric. They are the only ones who will back him now.

Lots of possibilities here.. I would like to see this story linger as long as possible hopefully into both election cycles.. All types of Shit on Christie will be plummeting into American Politics and I think that is good for us..

A quick exit by Christie would be a great thing to watch.. but it gives plenty of time for a Centrist Repub. candidate to develop..

Blue Color Dilemma for West Virginians.

DUers including myself find ourselves miffed as to why they vote for Republican Presidential Candidates in huge numbers...


Much of their State Govt. is dominated by Democrats.. Its almost as though they understand how Republicans work only for the 1% yet their income, and financial well being depends on the Koch Brothers...Really w/o these dirty industries these people become completely w/o income..

Fed Govt. needs to subsidize these workers as they evict these dirty industries...
Invest in producing environmental friendly power grid products..

This is the only way our country gets out of this mess ..

Ever since 911 it seems that a lot of Cops have taken on new persona...

That they are the last line of defense against Terrorism in our Country..

That they are to be feared,respected and deferred to at all times by everyone..

And it seems as though they act as if we donít employ them..

Am I alone on this line of thinking?


Watching Rachael....Help.

She is breaking down the Bridge story so concisely tonight.. Great job..

BUT: Could the prosecution of all these bastards be hindered by claiming the Rachael Maddow Show
caused damage to any potential defense of their clients...

Not worded well, but Iím off to work.. Iím sure you get my point.
Thanks for your patience..

Defense states that if someone in a movie theater throws a piece of...

popcorn at someone, he/she has a right to kill them...Stand Your Ground!!!

Yep, Stand Your Ground States? You can expect a lot more of this shit

I donít wish anyone to be hurt or injured, however I wish all of you who support these laws, lots of anxiety when out in public.. Especially Driving? If I cut someone off accidentally, perhaps that someone might feel I endangered his life...Stand Your Ground... Opens all kinds of Shit.

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