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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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If Obama does not get authorization to use military force,and the U.N. confirms use of Gas.by.......

Assad....He should consider other non high profile operations (Bin Laden Capture) to stop the madness.
A military strike now could lead to massive retaliations and who actually knows anything certain about the rebels, although a good guess is that many of them are enemies of our Country..

The important thing to remember is that most of the blame for the horrendous situation in Syria, and generally the Mid-East is a direct result of the Fat Ass Countries of the West and their Colonial Imperialist policies over the past several hundred years..

This thing is gonna get worse and the way Obama handles this will hopefully be a useful template for all the troubles that are gonna come down the pike in the next several decades..

This is very scary stuff..

Do you think Obamaís trying to prove heís a tough guy??

Pushing back on Benghazi?... What the hell is up? Heís proven with out a doubt that National Security is on top of al his political agendas...Why is he considering an attack on Syria when there still so many unanswered questions.

In addition, his recent comments of his race not being an issue in our political world?

Is he just loosing it?

What these right wing punks have done to this man in my opinion can never be forgiven..

The most important story of the morning:

Inventer of the Foam Finger claims that Molly Cyrus degraded the iconic sportís team novelty toy.

Thank God we got the story early enough so that few miss it before the work day...


Colchord Oklahoma ?? Worms in your faucets? Just get the Dept. of Environmental Equality out of

your City....They canít help.. Just Jesus can.. and if he wants blood worms in your tap water then it shall be...

Just get the freaking govt. out of your lives.....Now go back and turn on Fox and learn more about how
our govt. is being taken over by Muslims...


Check this teabagger out.....I just love this response...


love this response by someone other than me... Enjoy!!

Well, by the looks of this guy, we'll only have a few more years left to call him a racist, so we better get to it!

This is one of the reasons the teabbagers do not frighten me. Between the advanced age and high rates of obesity & diabetes, every day represents an attrition in their numbers. Forget 2016 - a lot of them won't even make the 14 months until the 2014 elections.

Boy I betcha that Matt Drudge, Fox and Red State will be all over this story.

Not a peep out of them so far..


Are you fucking kidding me? 30 days for a teacher who raped a 14 yr old. who eventually

killed herself? What the hell is happening in this country?


Karren Finney..... you did a lousy job today with that idiot Hugh Hewitt....

If you go on a Communist Witch Hunt, fueled by mass hysteria which swoops up thousands of suspects and force them to undergo grueling and frightening interrogations, you are bound to find a Communist.or two!

Now Iím not the brightest bulb on this site, but come on Karen, someone on your staff should have been
smart enough to alert you that this might be a response from that idiot..

I repeatedly point out that those on the left, both pundits and politicians seem to always do a horrible job at getting in the right wingís face..


I just freaking wonder if all those ďnon partisansĒ who collected signatures to recall Bob Filner

will be just as anxious to block this guy from running for his position??


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