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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Medicare Drawdown??

Am I correct that if I am married and living in California and my wife comes down with a disabling medical condition and needs to be placed in an Assisted Living Facility which would cost approximately
3500 a month,... Am I responsible for paying that out of our life’s savings which will leave us broke in
4 years? Except for $25,000 ... No insurance... it was way too expensive when it came up in my 50’s...

Edit: We have Insurance and are healthy. Both just got S.S..... Plan to get married. so she can get my s.S.S. after I’m gone which is $700 more than hers.. We have assets and if one of us needs Assisted Care for a couple of years... We are essentially screwed.. One of us (not married) should have 1/2 our assets..True?

This is heartbreaking and sickening...

The horrid stories on those who are suppose to be protecting are becoming more and more numerous.

This one is just fucking awful....

Keep on eye on the Judge....


Just a point..

I had on an on going riff today with someone who was on my case for poor grammar of course relating to my thread which he disagreed with..All o.k. But my final sign off was" go have another drink” and many of you felt it might make people with substance and alcohol problems uncomfortable.

Just wanted you to know that I have been sober for awhile and if someone said that to me I would
not at all be uncomfortable..

Sundance is showing all episodes of Top of The Lake

Sunday 1:00pm..Los Angeles Time... Saw earlier this year. Great Crime/Mystery.. Some of the sleaziest character you could imagine taking place in a town in NewZealand....Great ending, Great Acting Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter are great. Jane Campion is a great writer... The Piano....

This is absolutely cool..Space Shuttle take off... Amazing sequences...

From TPM:


7 shot to death...No motive..

Not the gun of course.. Strictly a case of our govt. not being able to enforce current gun laws and their inability to recognize dangerous “mental cases”.

When does this shit end?

I might be all wrong about this... But I’ve seen this story many times over the years and I’ve seen the NRA reaction to this kind of situation way too frequently..


Charles Barkley is an idiot...

He should absolutely be reprimanded for his idiotic statements concerning the Zimmerman trial.
I always enjoyed the Barkley show...His commentary on the NBA games were always enjoyable in my mind, kind of a straight shooter...even mentioned going into politics..Will never pay attention to him again!!......http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2013/07/19/exp-erin-intv-charles-barkley-full-interview-zimmerman-case-and-race.cnn.html

Man, have you seen this???

You did not mess around with this guy...

Steve King’s horrible racist comments...

Telemundo is being very aggressive in going after King and his overt racist position.

My question is; I always thought underneath everything Telemundo has a pro right wing agenda.
Are they not horrible on issues such LGBT rights, Abortion etc.? Anyone have a response?

Wanna shake your head in disbelief??

Someone get this gal a lawyer.. This is all about the pain and suffering plus add a strong dosage of
horrible humiliation...Unfucking believable...

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