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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Fahrenheit 911 was on television tonight.

When the movie first came out there was so much information in it about how toxic the Bush Family and Administration was that it almost was impossible to comprehend or remember it all. The thing however that still upsets me the most which I entirely forgot, was the House of Representativeís Black Caucus trying to overturn the election due to the disfranchisement of the black voters in the U.S.

Discussions were not allowed since there needed to be one U.S. Senator to sign off on the effort to overturn.

Not one Democratic Senator at the time was willing to do so... It was truly sad to re watch this part.

Starts around 2:40..

Hey how come the media isnít following the Mayflower oil spill anymore?

Everything must be cleaned up so no need for further follow up by MSM..



For you Armageddonists...

You might be correct... The world just might end...The Middle East, you said?


Lawrence O eviscerated Mr. Giuliani tonight.....

I would have fucking paid to watch Rudyís reaction to this take down..

Rudy felt that all along he knew something wasnít right with Rep Weiner.
Then came Mr. Kerick...Just released from jail today...


This must confuse the hell out of our right wing friends in the U.S....

They just thought all along that France was a country of liberal loving, flower powered, anti war pastry eating Commies..

Besides being one of the worst colonial powers in history they too have idiots in their country who are homophobic as well as xenophobic.. Must be hard to understand since right wing idiots are so use to classifying
everything they know and understand without looking into actual facts.


Does anyone know why Stephen Kim turned over info to Rosen?

I mean did Rosen pay Kim?? This is a big freaking deal especially since Fox knew of the investigation 3 yrs ago.
So this in turn means all 3 of the ďimpeachable eventsĒ are now buried in cement with a layer of Republican shit
on top..

We all are always reminded how Godless our side is......

It strikes me as quite odd on how God speaks through Republican families...


This is what happens when people set up in their comfort zone..

Always reacting.....Until we all out on the cement this will continue...But it has got to change.. As soon as Emanuel opened his mouth about the Chicago Educational System being in a state of Chaos,
people should have hit the streets, warning him to fix it, not destroy it.....


O.K. Iíll say it.. Whatís with the American Flags all over the destruction areas?

I certainly didnít see flags all over the Federal Building when it was destroyed by Terrorists in 1995.

These American flags just donít make sense to me..

Does this tragedy have a connection to Nationalism? Are all future disasters in this country going to be conflated with 911.

Somebody please explain...

Boy Iím hearing a lot about the warnings the National Weather Service issued yesterday....

And how they probably saved many lives... Today Rachel was talking about how Fema built safe houses next to schools which saved many lives during previous Ok. Tornados..Unfortunately Moore did not have any safe houses next to their schools when the storms hit yesterday.....

Point is.... I want to remind everyone of this iconic statement which game from one our so called by Republican Presidents in the last 30 years..

"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."
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