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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Iím so freaking bored of Mitt Romney...

And his wife. They both need to realize that their days of being relevant were few and now they are completely just a minuscule afterthought. They are hated on the right for screwing up an election and on the left for just being who they are.

Goodbye, Farewell, Adios, Ann and Mitt Romney!!!


Jesus Christ!!! Enough with the Federal Debt already!!!

Iím so fucking sick and tired of Federal Debt talking points on MSM. I expect this shit from moronic Republicans but my God, enough already from MSM.

Put People back to work ( job Programs ) and close Tax Loopholes! Why is this so hard to understand.?.

POTUS and Congress 20%Cut?

What would be the downside of this if Obama brought this up.?
I Realize that the President does not initiate Spending Bills, but as a concept I think it would be great for him to state that since the Congress and the POTUS created this deal then they should certainly suffer the direct consequences as well!

Texas Lesbian Beaten on playground in front of children...

As I was reading and scrolling down, my first reaction Texas, nothing surprises me....
but as I continued on, I read that as of this writing the perpetrators were a black couple..

Man, this really upset me and I have several reasons . Does anyone feel I should not thread a
comment line based on the fact that they are black?

The story is horrible enough and is really upsetting. Maybe this should be the only part discussed...


Republican claims he never had a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Whatís next with these idiots?....
Canít we demand an I.Q test for all elected officials that has 70 as a threshold?

By the way, his name is Sean Duffy (Rep. WI)


Wall Street Journal?

Whatís next National Review?
Washington Moon Times?


Just sawĒ No" tonight .

Great...... Based on the self imposed Referendum by Pinnochet of his Presidency. Yes or No vote by the nation and the events surrounding the Advertising campaign fot the No vote...
I think nominated for an Oscar this year...

O.K. its time for a laugh..

Take a break from our anger at right wing assholes and enjoy one of the funniest 1 minute scenes in the history of cinema !

Watch Lindsay Graham get slapped......

Man this is the way to do it...Clear and concise...No Bullshit...and sometimes you just got to be fucking louder.. Democrats who confront extremists ass holes on T.V. need to take s few lessons from this guy!!! Stop the fumbling around with your thoughts and go get em!
Thank you Chief!!!


I appreciate Rep. Ellisonís effort to shut that piece of shit Hannity up tonight..

but I think he let it turn into to much of a yelling match. We have the facts on our side,( for instance on the Deficit) and Ellison should have perhaps stopped Hannity in his tracks and shoved the fucking truth in his face.

From Politifact .

The final Congressional Budget Office baseline deficit projection before Obama took office -- noted in table 5 in this January 2009 CBO report -- showed a fiscal year 2009 deficit of $1.19 trillion.

That figure doesnít account for any of Obamaís own spending initiatives, such as the stimulus bill. But the deficit grew quickly under Obama: The fiscal 2009 deficit rose to $1.41 trillion and has remained above $1 trillion annually ever since.

But compared to what Obama inherited, the annual deficit has gone down slightly. CBO projects that for fiscal 2012, which has just ended, the fiscal 2012 deficit will be $1.09 trillion
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