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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Wow! Borgen had been just great this season..

Started a whole new story line this season which I thought was rather slow at first, but now I find it as good if not better than the first 2 seasons.. If you liked West Wing, this is actually as good or in fact better.. Its just was sexier!
besides many other things..

Great Read!" Why do poor people waste money on Luxury Goods”..

Many of us are so quick to judge..

From TPM:


Wonder why Housing Market is moving upward? Wall Street is buying up foreclosed properties...

putting them on the markets as rentals, bundling them up and selling to banks..

Ready for another disaster similar to 2007?

From TPM...


Am I the only one suspicious of Josh Romney’s photo op?

I’m not going to even comment, but is this for real?

From TPM:


He’s such a tough guy, isn’t he.?

A soy Thanksgiving for Arpaio's inmates..


I sincerely praise the right wing in their march to

destroying our country economically, environmentally and spiritually.

Thank You men!!!


Boehner tried to fuck with the ACA site...

and failed.. Put the Representative on hold for 35 minutes.

Question to everyone is: Have Any of you seen any coverage of this on MSM....

This is a big deal, I think....After the shit they have given Obama, My God!!


This says it all....Exactly what we stand for as a culture today..

Everybody hates the intrusive obnoxious Paparazzi ...But are they not just trying to pay their bills by giving our dumbed down public what they want...

This is a great example of why the general public cares little about what really is important..


This is a difficult read... Depressing as hell.

"Why Poor People Make Bad Decisions"................Even though most of us here are not where she is.. It is easy to contemplate how one can fall into this abyss very easily..Very well written..

Not particularly perhaps because of life style choices, but rather a serious medical condition or a disastrous financial decision/situation etc. could get us there very easily..

There is a pitch at the end... But desperation is desperation...I will chip in..


This should shut the mouths of Republicans incensed by Nuclear Option..

Thank You ....Media Matters...

Someone needs to send this to Rush immediately.. It will definitely shut his foul trap!!!
Well on second thought nothing could do that.. But it makes him sound so freaking idiotic same with Hannity!

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