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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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These guys always look the same..

White over 50 shaped like Potatoes and dumb as a snail!!
Probably not a big fan of Obamacare!
This guy shot a kid with buck-shot for toilet papering his
neighbors house..Kid was not hurt seriously..The snail was arrested
since it wasn’t his house and landed $125,000 bond to get out....Asshole!!
From: Raw Story

NFL’s tax exempt Status...Bad enough.

But Tom Coburn (R) trying to end this status.. Is fucking incredible..

Why would this crazy right wing asshole mess with something more important than Jesus?

I thought they stood against any and all tax increase concepts... Oh I know, loophole shit... But my God this?


New NBC/Wall Street Poll... So Freaking Frustrating..

No matter what our POTUS says or does..The repubs. have a way of spreading lies and mis information which still has a huge effect on public opinion.. So easy for many dumbed down uniformed people to buy into this shit..

But one thing I’m sure of is that we are on the side of goodness in this issue and I sincerely believe when the positive figures come rolling in they will be fucking game changers... We will win this debate...


Lets put the bullshit concerning causes for economic meltdown to bed....Permanently!!

According to Center for Public Integrity, this is a computer assisted analysis of 7.2 million “high interest” mortgage applications between 2005 and 2007..

Fannie and Freddie Mac about 17% of total portfolio of Subprime loans.

Send this to your Free Market Friends..


My take on yesterdays anti-NSA spying D.C. Rally?

third/Libertarians, third,/ Right Wingers,... both groups using it as an excuse to attack Obama.
And the last third,... people who honestly understand the NSA Spying issues and understand that the issue are a huge
part of the overall MIC problem...

Fuck the Right Wingers and Libertarians who pretend they give a shit about NSA issues... If the govt. was spying under a President Ted Cruz or a President Rand Paul Administration, not a peep would be heard..


This is what Right Wing Media has produced...

People who are already dumb....Dangerous!!!


That NSA Anti-Spying rally held today in D.C.

10,000 estimated attendance....Question?

Out of the 10,000, how many there were really concerned about NSA spying as opposed to those who were there just to display their hatred of Obama..?

Just Asking...

Tune in ED right now..

Talking about TPP right now... Come on Barack...This deal sucks for the middle Class..

Lie Trolling DUer got kicked off site today...

I just read her Obamacare Thread for first time and I knew she was full of shit quickly..

Am I just not realizing certain issues concerning our trolls.

I rather enjoy the slicing process of dissecting their lies..
I believe that old “Keeping your enemy close” is not a bad concept..

Plus I just enjoy the rush of crushing these vermin.

There is a lot of good news lately but...

as a DUer Progressive I usually see the glass as half empty... So I am working hard as hell to keep this current momentum rolling..... I say ignore the polls they can change on a dime....

We are up against a group of insane people( funded by corporations) who must be treated as though they are roaches contaminating a house..They are gonna keep on coming until we tent our country...Lets be done with them..
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