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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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I’m not trying to sound like a dick. But could everyone who is experiencing the latest fucking gas

hikes please try to make it your business and call your local and congressional reps. I just called Boxer in Cali and the staffer stated that I was the first caller of the day. .40 in a week...ridiculous bullshit!!!

Why in the hell is fucking gas up to $4.00 for reg. in Ca.

Are the bathrooms fucking flooding in the refineries? How come we always end up paying for it when something fucks up in their world?

Came across this great piece written in 2008......A Nation Of Village Idiots...

By James Moore....Love pieces that get right to the point how republicans fucked this country to pieces. This is a great summary which you must send to your right wing uncle, brother or neighbor.


Daily Caller writer Gayle Trottea just told a Senate Committee about her new screenplay

Death Wish 2013.....A Mother Armed For Danger. Gee, I wonder what her intruders look like?


Immigration reform great! But republicans are planning another attack on our economy!

Next treasonous attack to plunge us into another hole is the Sequester cuts scheduled for the end of next month..As the below article from Thing Progress mentions, parts of the economy for the first time shrunk last quarter. More Govt. spending cuts would be horrible giving these treasonous republicans ammo for 2014 elections.

Notice how for 4 years the republicans only fucking economic plan. Is to Cut and Destroy...


Is there a reason why I am being asked to log in a lot lately?

Never happened before. I have posted about 600 times. Still a little new at this. Thanks.

Can someone tell me why DU is asking me to log in a lot lately?

Did I undo a keep logged in box somewhere???? Thanks! I’m still rather new to web sites...

Whats the definition of a Priebus??

In his television appearances, Priebus comes off as juvenile, and whining—something less than a hack. Ditto for the press releases, and double it for the speeches. There is no there, there, other than smarmy pronouncements about how Obama is probably a radical something-or-other and other, similar lower-tier carping that is omnipresent among the base but which seem embarrassingly dim stuff for basing a national party message around. Forget big ideas, forget whether the problem is Republican message or Republican messengers, and all the rest of it; this is the best the party can come up with?

So yes, I very much like that title. Priebus Is What Happens When a Party Loses Its Self-Respect. Yes, that, in a nuts

John Nichols......Daily Kos...Thanks..

Never bought into Sybil and Tom coming to U.K..Way too dangerous, baby or not.

To these brave people the cause is the only thing that matters.
Plus Tom wouldn’t have been able to hang around a group of people who in his mind have
blood on their hands...

Gun appreciation day tribute....Hysterical and scary.....

from Move On.Org..

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