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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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MSM not so concerned about devastating impact of no unemployment insurance extension but

this??? A huge story...


Another example of a sick Republican appointed judge.

Iím not gonna even look up his party affiliation.

Misogamy, Drugs, Alcohol, physical abuse...Texas?

Are there any doubters out there?

Update: I was wrong and ignorant to make an assumption like this..
Itís not like me to guess at important facts


I/m so tired of reading criticism of Obama on DU

by members who are dissatisfied with his positions on NSA and other MIC operation which have been around for, I dunno how many years? The immense power this Triangle has? It really controls practically every aspect of our lives. It needs to be dismantled, but it ainít gonna happen until the electorate understands what itís all about...and thats the stinking money..

Jesus Christ, you people really think Obama should have immediately established a Red Line against the
operations of the Military Industrial Complex as soon as he became President?

And if he did begin a curtailing operation and in anyway our freaking ďHomelandĒ was attacked during this process, I really believe the House, Senate and White House would have turned beet red for at least 2 election cycles..

And one more thing, I detest Ayn Rand Libertarian Objectivism with itís States Rights Racist agenda to such an extent, that anyone who lives in that world can go to hell!!!


Republicans will not extend unemployment benefits for 4 million...

You would think that if this actually ends up being the case, What percentage of these 4 million will still vote Red next september??? Even in the end if they reinstate all or part of the benefits, one would think that these people would be so pissed that they would never vote for a Repuke again. That these 4 million will take revenge on these bastards!!

What is it with the this loyalty to politicians who are so hateful that they would take food off the table from so many who are already struggling?

Do they just equate these type of benefits with people who are just takers except they are the exception?


Rand Paul you are so fucking obvious. Are you that stupid as to think..

that your little scheme to capture young voters on the drug issue is nothing but a slimy scam..

Your States Right agenda is completely embedded with arch-conserative ideology.. It is highly doubtful that you actually care about minimum sentencing when in actuality you only care about your political ambitions.

Somehow your father fell into this issue and realized that it would be politically advantageous to look like a ďcool politician" by back dooring legal support for prostitution, marijuana , and arguing against minimum sentencing... You have joined his sham and it is so freaking transparent...


Zimmerman sells his art work for 100,000 ON eBay.. Meanwhile...

eBay pulls anti- Zimmerman painting off their site!! Fucking unbelievable...eBay now defines moral compass..


Repub. Town Hall Meeting..Great example of how ACA member/supporter..

related his very positive and encouraging experience with Obamacare.. Good read...


I had no Idea that Martin Bashir was fired from MSNBC.. I thought he was suspended...

Fucking Middle Ground Cowards.. Thats what they are...!!!

Lara whatever the hell her last name is, lies about our National Security Strategy and gets a 30 day suspension?

Tea Party House Reps are ready to fall on their sword..

But thats not the real problem...Which is... every constituent who voted for their teabagger Rep is ready to take himself as well his family down in order to rid this country of the Muslim President...They are just so fucking stupid!!!

This Tea Party Patriot raved about Obamaís recent

self photo op.. Made a point about the Presidentís wife...
Read it for yourself.. Iím becoming desensitized towards right wing personal horror stories..

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