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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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When is this shit gonna finally stop?

Let Israel hold a knife to our jugular.....


Rachel Maddow just informed Ca. residents that we were duped by the Gas Companies for

the past 2 months. Turns out that those refineries weren’t down the entire time they
claimed they were. Gas prices were up to $5.45 in my area. Justice Dept. now investigating.

This might be the best summary of that 45 year old idiot who shot a 17 year old in Melbourne Fla.

So far its a story about a white racist 45 year old male, drunk.........Killing a 17 year old
black kid and frantically trying to make up lies to cover his ass!

Granted this link might not be accurate in the long run. But the various replies give one
a good idea of whats going on.....http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2012-11-28/story/man-accused-killing-jacksonville-teen-charged-second-degree-murder


One has to wonder how many out there can not afford to have a frightening mole looked at by an Md?

This is so fucked up and such a huge issue!

Does anyone have any recent updates on the new racist shooting in Florida? N/T

Hope Fox news doesn't find out where this gal lives....


I am so fucking sick and tired of the words "Liberty"," Freedom", and "Patriot" being

hi-jacked by the republican party and used strictly to advance their right wing anti-middle class political agenda.......... How the hell did the democrats allow this to happen?................................... During the past 70 years did republicans sacrifice more blood and guts than did the democrats?

Are you going to also tell me that Jimmy Carter's wise decision not to bomb the hell out Iran and possibly start a major world wide event was the beginning of this shit?

Did Fox have an official response to the Thomas Rick interview today. If not..........

Lets get on their site and state that the host was gutless and should have confronted him!
I already have!

The only positive use for the Republican party is to act as the old accountant who sits in

the back room and reminds us that were spending too much money.
Their ideas about what the country should spend and cut is absolutely irrelevant at this point.
That is fucking it. They bring nothing else to the table which is helpful......
If there is someone please tell me....

For profit Charter Schools should sound just as disgusting as for profit health Insurance Co.s do!..

For God's sake, everyone should start getting involved at their local level to
prevent the free market solution from destroying our educational system.

This article is a good start. Short but to the point!


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