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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
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Does it seem that when these weather news guys are reporting bad news they sound very

excited? However when there are bits of good news it seems their wind is taken out of them a bit?
I understand that strong warnings are very important. But as usual, isn't it about keeping viewers
tuned in? Its a big deal that the storm is moving faster than expected!

Am I Fucking out of my mind? Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin from West Virg.was just on the weather channel.

Earl Ray Tomblin; Earl Ray!....... Was he actually named after the murderer James Earl Ray?
Or is Earl Ray in W.V. as common as a Justin or Tiffany in Ca.?

Bit of good news on Sandy......

Weather Channel guy stated that this storm is unexpectedly speeding to the northwest

I don't give a fuck, this storm should be politicized.

Not by Obama or the democratic party, but by us, the commoners .
Republican response to storm." Everyone for themselves."; and their
responses to environmental disasters over the past years has been dreadful.
Lets get those stories out. We have the right and obligation to do so.

This is long but well worth the read. Restaurant workers face a lot of dangers w/o health insurance.

After work!


Lets quit kidding ourselves, the only reason Obama isn't up by 20 is the fact that he's black.

If this election was truly about policy it wouldn't be close. Even the abortion issue wouldn't
be that much in play. Racists are connecting Obama with killing babies so in their minds
they have a real concept to drive their hatred. Obviously, its not about his economic policies!

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