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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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How come my sentences are posted differently then I wrote them they seem to

broken all the time with one word being left over and posted alone on the next
sentence line? Thanks...

Just like this.... Thanks again!

Anyone concerned about their IRAs or Pension Plans today?

I realize that this Fiscal crap is gonna really hurt a lot of people who have very little.
But I ainít wealthy and am over the ďstart againĒ age...So Iím just wondering what
you guys are thinking about this.....

Looked at the smile this dumb motherfucker has on......

Iíd like to take that watermelon and stick it up his.......

From Raw Story today.


Does anyone have information on the NRA poll released this a.m........

54% of Americans support the NRA....Just thinking and wondering....

We have become a nation of cowards who need guns!!!!

Do you think if 911 had happened in any other Country but ours,
that Country today would today be scanning 75 year olds in
fucking Pods and asking my 14 year old niece to remove her shoe
before boarding?

We had a bunch of pussies running the country at the time led by those
punks Bush and Chaney who did their best to scare the hell out of us and
it worked.

One can not deny the fact that the fear factor in our country after 911 certainly
didnít hurt the arms manufacturers....

I would say 75% of Television News Anchors and reporters have absolutely no idea

what the fiscal cliff is about. All day long on news stations these fucking idiots
are warning viewers about the impending doom which is quickly approaching.

But get this; today they were interviewing shoppers in the mall who were telling
these idiots that they are cutting holiday spending due to the crisis.

What a stupid fucking country we live in and thats exactly the way the Club For Economic
Growth wants it.!

I tried to copy and paste a locked post I did earlier in the day...

Just saw the results.....Did I screw up... New to computer stuff...

Its 6:45 West Coast and Rachel still hasnít mentioned a thing about Obamaís S.S. tampering?

To all gun owners......... This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by REP (a host of the

To all gun owners.........

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by REP (a host of the Politics 2012 forum). If you believe this was done in error, please contact REP to appeal.

Were not coming after your testicles, just some of your toys.

Might cut down some of our horrendous gun murder numbers.

There is only one reason and one reason only the Republicans are acting insanely and wont stop......

They want to fuck up the Obama Presidency and right now
they are doing an excellent job.

I have tried to defend the President for 3 day now looking for
a post or blog which would explain his lunacy on his S.S stance.
Some kind of cool move that we all have witnessed before.
Never during his tenure have I given up. But Iím about to jump ship.

Just wrote the white House and donated $20 to Move Onís push back!

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