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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,515

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Everyone who clicks on to this should send it

to as many friends and relatives as possible especially if they live in Red States.
An expository piece like this could be a turning point in our countryís fight for push back on these
selfish, self righteous, money grubbing oligarchs..

This self seeking family, has absolutely no concern for anyone except those who can help them in their quest to squash those who get in their way of destroying our planet for their own wants and needs..

Thank You FourScour for originally posting this illuminating piece from Rolling Stone..


Well... Here we go....

First step get rid of the EPA..


Holy Crap..!!!!

Its starting....Some who represent the 1% are beginning to abandon the Koch Brotherís
Ship... Really!!!


I think if they were protecting a White President they would have been a lot

more vigilant.. Iím sorry, but thats the way I feel..Oh yea. I know that several of the agents are Black, but you know what, Iím still pissed!!

Al Sharptonís Political Nation: FBI...No incriminating evidence..

concerning Christie and the Lane Closure Incident..

Looks like his top aids were promised something by someone if they kept their mouths shut..

Good Dogs..

I have no links...

Whatís most frightening about Palin and her White Trash Gang?

The fact that....

John McCain almost brought this piece of garbage within a heart beat of the Presidency of the
United States Of America..

And he has the fucking gaul to consistently criticize President Obama on almost every issue he handles,

Why are Dems. not reminding him of this fact every time he opens his fat mouth?


J. Carney just shakes his head looks down and just

does a crappy job of refuting McCains tired and old talking points of how our President should never have withdrawn from Iraq, should have acted much sooner with regards to ISIS and a host of other pro-war bullshit..

When will the Democratic Party finally produce someone who can kick some ass and understands how to shut someone like McCain and his Gish Gallop technique down in a televised debate..

For 6 yrs I have not seen one Democrat pounce on the bullshit which Republicans spew everyday on National T.V. And I am fully aware of the help they get from Corporate backed payed liars who pretend they are balanced..

I refuse to provide a link to CNN in order to show todays event..Perhaps someone can help find a link which showed most of the debate.

In the meantime, a definition of a much used technique by liars and bull shit artists.

Cops in Texas try to reach out to

Tarrant County Peaceful Watch Project... Well this group of anti-govt wing nuts which you just know are tied in with the Open Carry Nuts.. told the Cops..In so many words.. Go Fuck Yourselves.. They didní respond to their request for dialogue ..

I find it interesting that the Cops even reached out to these guys..Perhaps they should start realizing that these people are very dangerous and are capable of doing anything including armed action..against Police..

The part that I find amusing is that that the Cops on the whole certainly have never reached out to the Occupy crowd..thats because they probably have a hell of a lot more in common with right wing anti-govt groups than groups who advocate progressive causes in our fucked up country..Especially because they are a part of govt. wether they say they are or not.

Well Iím telling ya..If I were a cop, I wouldnít turn my back on these people for a second.
From NEWS FIX 33:


This one issue is why Dems. will lose the Senate..

Republicans do a better job of making whites feel safer in their homes..

Iím also gonna tag the bullshit concept that Dems. are perceived as allowing too
many to live the "good life" on entitlement give away programs..

We can blame this on a dumbed down country and the fact that 4 News Corporate Media Behemoths spread these messages (lies) every fucking day...

My proof... Practically all polls point to the fact that "Voters agree with Dems." on practically all issues.

Thats All Folks...

Watching Chuck Todd and Luke Russert discussing Obamaís European Trip right now!!!

You know something... Iím surprised...Unless I missed something it was fairly good assessment..Normally these 2 guys are putrid ...... Anybody else watch??
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