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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
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One fantastic story out of last election.

Chevron tries to confuse voters of Richmond California...Spending 3 million plus to rid city of mayor and councilwomen and men... Didnít work.. Of course Richmond was practically ruined by a Chevron fire a few years earlier, but nevertheless their bullshit lies did not work.. Thanks to some great reporting by local reporters..

I guess what we need is a devastating event which can be laid squarely on the shoulders of the Corporate Interests that are currently running every aspect of our country..This probably is not realistic.

But perhaps the change can happen one city at a time..


Also the complete story..Bill Moyerís show tonight.. Laid the whole thing out..Just Great..

I wonder if this article is read and understood

by those on living in Red States and now on the ACAís expanded Medicaid.
Will regret voting republican..Or would they have no idea of whats going on and only
figure it out when they receive notification.


I am so tired of the explanations of why we lost...

Old saying..Analyzation leads to paralyzation..Exactly what is going on in D.U right now.

Most of the explanations as to why we lost have some merit, but so many are missing the essential point..

We currently have a huge portion of our electorate in a dumbed down frenzy.. The Republicans handily won this election because ,simply they ran on the fear element.. Fear of thuggery coming into your neighborhood..hoards of illegal aliens pouring into our country camouflaging Ebola and ISIS, while our president sits on his hands and does nothing...The LGBT Community coming after our innocent Children.. Obama inviting the U.N into our country to round up all our guns... This is the crap they ran on and they were able to do so due to the millions upon millions of advertising revenue which corporate America readily handed over to the Republican Candidates and their operatives...Not to mention the 95% of Media which never question any of their lies.

Yep they won because they were able to scare the shit out of a very important part of the electorate which when confronted with something they donít understand always seem to vote for the tough guy who will protect their family, even though the tough guy ainít too bright which they recognize..

An edited note: Our current brand of elected democratic elected reps mostly stink.. They seem weak, disorganized and fumbling when on T.V. project a rather inept image.. Yep, we need to throw into the ring some people who understand how to fight back, similar to the old democratic political guys, who back then knew how to throw a punch.. Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson knew how to deal with adversaries. Rarely backed down..

Any California SEIU members out there?

Perhaps you or someone else out there can explain to me.. Why Service Employees International Union Members were told to vote no on Prop 45 which wanted all Healthcare Insurance Companies to run rate increases through the Insurance Commissionerís approval.... In other words The SEIU believes that Insurance Companies in California should regulate themselves.. WTF.. IíM asking WTF...

The fact that 45 failed because of the millions spent on advertising is bad enough..( People are just plain dumb even in California) but to have a huge union like SEIU backing the no vote, makes no freaking sense..

Reason why our party stunk up the room last night?

Donít believe people who say it was because our candidates ran from Obama..
Or because the so called recovery is still not improving the lives of the Middle Class who have been hurting for 8 yrs.
Or because those who voted for change, gave up and didnít vote..
Or any other rational reason you have been reading about for the last 2 days..

No..Hell no...

Its all due to the fear instilled in so much of our Countryís psyche by the lies perpetrated by Republican Operatives and Candidates ,supported by the mainstream media by not questioning any of the misrepresentations put forth by theses liars and frauds .... all paid for by the Corporatists who desire absolutely no change to the current status quo.

The fear of thuggery in our neighborhoods. The fear of hoards of illegal aliens coming across our borders infiltrating every sector of our community stealing medical services, education and jobs..The fear of Ebola spreading through our cities by travelers from Africa and Europe while our President sits on his hands.....And the fear that our President has a litany of agendaís including changing our country into a "Muslim DictatorshipĒ.. Yes I actually read about this..

I would say that no matter what anyone says who voted Republican on tues..The reason they voted Republican was based on fear.. pure unadulterated fucking fear, created by the worst kind scum in our country...

Economy the # 1 issue.. Bullshit.. Itís Fear

Fear of thuggery , fear of hoards of illegals taking over the country, Fear of disease being brought to the shores..Just fear in general... This fear is driven by Big Corporate Interests and their billions spent on keeping the uninformed in fear...The lies they spewed over the airways this voting cycle are too crazy and too numerous to even begin explaining..

An example? Prop 45 went down in California last night because of the millions spent by Insurance Companies.
Lie after lie concerning how healthcare causes will rise if we allow our Insurance Commissioner to monitor all rate increases proposed by our Health Insurance Companies.. Thatís Right!!! The supposedly intelligent people of California voted to simply let Insurance Companies regulate themselves.. Are you fucking kidding me,,

Prop. 45 and 46 go down in Cali..

Are you fucking kidding me? In a deep Blue State? Insurance Companies will not have to have go through Insurance Commissioner for rate changes (meaning increases)... and caps for medical malpractice suites will not be allowed to be increased? Are we that fucking stupid in this state as well.

The answer is yes, Especially if millions upon millions of dollars were pumped in by health insurance companies spewing nothing but lies...I understand how complicated issues can be misunderstood by the public.. But these two props were so simple.. It is just fucking scary how dumb we are...

Prop. 45 in Cali? Unfucking believable...

I have not seen one ad. on T.V or listen to one ad. on the radio explaining the implications of this Prop. not passing.Meanwhile the Insurance companies have spent millions upon millions fighting to defeat this proposition. Every day I hear at least 10 ads a day lying about how one "elected politician " they donít mention that he is the Insurance Commissioner) will have the power to control insurance rates which will ďhurt small businesses and the general publicĒ Its the fucking Insurance Commissioner .

There is a good chance this wont pass... Amazing..


Face it.... we live in a dumbed down country and only

when enough pain is inflicted on the general electorate will things change.. Republicans gaining control of the Senate will perhaps be another step in this direction...

This being said, Itís pretty depressing watching MSM coverage of this election..There are several extremists who are being given a free pass, huge voter suppression efforts are hardly mentioned, and blatant lies by Republican Candidates and their operatives are virtually ignored..Just fucking depressing..

If you missed Frontline tonight..

Watch it soon.. Shows the rapid development of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and it is quite graphic..

Itís concerns the rapid development Of Al Qaeda left over soldiers, teaming up with the Sunni population who for several years were severely prosecuted imprisoned and tortured by the Maliki Shiite Govt..These 2 elements have now attacked Syria and currently control several Provinces in Northern Iraq. They take no prisoners and are ruthless, fearless and determined to form their own Islamic State which recognizes no borders..Itís a fucked situation which needs to be addressed.

More Importantly, It reminds all of us how stupid our invasion of Iraq was and how George W Bush and his team of Neocon bat shit crazy cronies are fully responsible for what is happening now..

Obama is almost in an impossible position trying to figure out how to help the Iraqi govt. fearful of sending arms which will probably fall into the extremists hands..Itís evident that the U.S, can not go at this alone. A mulit-national commitment is the only way this situation can be abated..

Again watch it when you can it was very well done and informative..
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