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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,504

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Grimes blasted the hell out of Mitch today..

However my question is: Why did she not scream about the success of the expanded ACA medicaid
Program..Itís providing so much relief to thousands down there?

I think it trumps the Obama racist hatred card..

Anyway thanks bigdarryl for original post..


Someone please help me here..

I started a thread earlier concerning the new Polling on the ACA.

One of the replies stated that he makes 25,000 a year and the cheapest plan he could find on the ACA was $307.. If thats true, its a big problem...

Arenít there any subsidies available for this guy?

Just notified me he lives NYC..


Iím freaking depressed....Poll shows Obamacare..

more unpopular than ever.. Close to ten million signed up...yet the poll reveals that repeated attacks from republicans have been effective....

Fuck it...sometimes I feel that our country deserves what it gets... Let all these people who continually support right wing fear mongering of govt..feel the pain, to the point that they are forced to realize that they have been duped by their own stupidity..


Itís so stinking easy to understand..

1) 45% of Republicans hate Obama just because heís Black. They couldnít give 2 shits about the state of affairs in our Country, and probably couldnít point out Central American on a world map.

2) The other 55% of Republicanís hate govt. and will do or say anything in order to prevent our Marxist, Socialist President from proving otherwise..

3) The 1% Corporatists in our country stand behind and finance racism (1) and anti govt. propagandists (2) in order to protect their assets and profits and will never back down from their hatred of those who get in their way..
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