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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,511

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Mr. President....Before the Sequester begins to

inflict more harm on the economy and middle class jobs....Please address the country from the White
House and ask the Republican led House Of Reps to simply initiate a Bill to curtail the Sequester which you will immediately sign..

You have never used this type approach on practically anything but matters of National tragedies, Disasters
or National Security issues... All of which If I remember correctly were 90% non partisan.

Well I feel the time time is now to let it all roll out and to exactly explain to the American people why the
Republicans could absolutely end this crap now...

Quite honestly Mr. President I could never understand why you have not taken this kind of approach
more often... To Use the Bully Pulpit and kick some ass...They have pushed, insulted and disrespected you
for 4 1/2 years...You have shown great restraint, but many of us are fed up and want you to start throwing
some hard lefts right in their collective jaws...


When do we stop repeating what these nuts are saying?

They are fundamentally out of their minds and practically all of MSM on the right and especially on the left always give these fucked up stories a huge amount of coverage.

A couple of idiotic North Carolina House Members call for a mandatory State Religion and it spreads like wildfire throughout our political world. This gives these ridiculous stories more and more credence.

Thats why I’m posting this:
From..Salon. Com.
“Forget the theocracy North Carolina”
By.....Elizabeth Williams

"The North Carolina push comes at a time when bozos like Tim Huelskamp, a Republican congressman from Kansas, can still declare their political choices are dictated not by the common good but “the Judeo-Christian model God ordained.” Yet the cold hard truth is that white American Jesus just isn’t as influential as he used to be. Last month, a University of California, Berkeley, study revealed that one in five Americans have “no religious preference” — double the number who were undeclared in 1990. And though one third of Americans identify as conservative Protestant, those numbers hardly say, “Let’s make a whole damn state officially one big Baptist potluck,” now, do they?"

And that’s why North Carolina’s absurd little stunt is so pitiful. It represents a desperate power grab, a huffing and puffing and a “We’re still here, Lord!” against the backdrop of a nation that is increasingly less religious, and in particular, less Christian. And regardless of how or even if we Americans worship, we didn’t sign up for a theocracy here. This isn’t what America – and that even includes North Carolina — was ever meant to be.


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